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  1. Hey thanks, I have been doing great with the way you guys fish the great lakes. On our lakes out here. I think California's fall for every thing that comes down the pike as tackle goes. The tackle out here is to catch fisterman and not fish. Again thanks
  2. Can anyone tell me a set up for browns off copper ? I am from California and just started with it. All my friends think I read to much. But you east coast guys have it dialed in I think.
  3. Hi guys I am from California and where the shuttle hawk came from. Gary Morales shasta tackle co. is a good friend of mine. The bad thing about them is your stacking two rods on one D/W. Then even if you set them a drifferent depths they are still in the same track. I have turned to your way of fishing with dipsy divers and steel line , planner boards and my d/r . I seem to catch more fish off the dipsy than my stacked d/r. rods on the shuttle hawk.
  4. Hi guys I am from California , have been fishing over 50 years. Just last winter I started to fish with Dipsy Divers and my Downriggers, My Dipsy divers started to pick up more fish than my D/R. then I got a okuma rod with rollers and that made a big drifferance. then to planner boards and I don't think you can get anymore stelth that that. Now it's time for copper. I just got my new Okuma rod and a penn 340GTGi and put on the backing and 300' of copper and ready to try it out. Can any one tell me what works better for Browns . Spoons , dodger & fly or stickbaits ? Sure could use the help from you guys , my friends out here think I have gone off the deep end.
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