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  1. I am thinking of buying some inline planning boards, Not sure if i understand how they work, when you hook the planning boards to your pole how do they relese, are you pulling the fish and the board?????? A Friend of mine told me not to even bother dipseys work better TAGMAN
  2. I am hoping one of you guys can give me some advice, I have a 22'' bayliner cabin cruser, i want to buy planning boards for browns but i don't want to install a mass, i have heard there was planning boards that work just as well using your rods as an outrigger, if anyone can give me some sugestions it would be helpful. TAGMAN
  3. How about fishing out of a 16 ft deep V catching the bottom with the downrigger and almost capsizing the boat, or have a storm roll in fishing the big O, or the worst ever have the fog roll in and you here a loud fog horn getting closer and closer, the all you can see is an oil tanker comming right for you, That was just a a few things that happened to me in my early years, Now i have a 22 '' cabin cruzer, good radio, gps and i never drag the bottom or even think of going out in anything over 2-4 footers GOOD LUCK
  4. Im comming up Saturday and Sunday lunching from mexico, I hven't been seeing any reports around oswego or mexico, Is anyone catching anything in that area, if so how deep???. TAGMAN
  5. Hey guys i'm comming up this weekend, I will be lunching from mexico, Are you guys doing better in oswego or port ontero????, this will be my last trip with the boat till next year, looking for some advice???. TAGMAN
  6. Hey guys,Im thinking about trying something different, i have been fishing the salmon river for years , I here a lot about the sandy pond and the sandy creek, My son and i like to fish the lake, However Dad lost his sea legs and is being forced to fish the river or creeks, He tried the patch and dramamene, no luck, How far is sandy pond from pulaski and is there good creek or river fishing not to far from where i would lunch the boat.????, TAGMAN
  7. Hey Slimy i here a lot about the genny, Is that above port onterio tords sandy???, Do the fish run the river as well as the salmon river??? TAGMAN
  8. Hey guys is the 1st two weeks in October to late for fishing the lake for kings, tying to plan at least two more trips to the big O before putting it away for the winter.
  9. Thanks guys for your inputt, The way my boat is set up i have my riggers on the sides and i run my dipseys off the back, with one flat line in the middle, The biggest fish of the day last week i had at the side of the boat, He took one last dive under the boat and wrapped himself around the rigger cable, Tagman
  10. I am thinking about running a copper set up and i just have a few questions, 1 Do you run flashers with copper or a diving type of lure, Would you run a j plug or j plug with a flasher, Do you use a leader of mono line of the copper???? TAGMAN
  11. Started out at 600am, We fished mostly 80-120, We landed two out of 6, I took the old lady she had a ball, Two of the fish we lost end up getting mashed up with the other lines out or wraping around the downriger cables, Should i be comming to a complete stop and getting in all the lines or keep trolling , I noticed most of the other boats don't pull in all the other lines????. TAGMAN
  12. I here some guys talking about running j plugs just of the mouth of the river, ??, Would you run them of the rigger down just a few feet or would you flatline, also shoud you run any flashers when flatlining??? I tried runnng in close with just j plugs and wasted a few hours.
  13. I tried it last two weeks ago , I was 2 for 9 , I had 4 hits on the rig sprayed with wd 40. TAGMAN
  14. Hey guys i here a lot of talk about this natural born killer, Where can i get a couple, and what color, i will be in the port onterio saturday??????? TAGMAN
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