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  1. Try drifting over the shoals with a drop shot rig and a baby brush hog in watermelon red flake or any kind of green also drifting down the west side of cherry island using the same technique but staying in 12 fow. Bet you will have a smallmouth on in no time either way!
  2. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Currently spending all my free time in-land hard water fishing, but dreaming of ice out and Brown Trout fishing off off Stony Point and South
  3. ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 13 August 2012 Time on Water: 8 hours Waves: 1-3 in the morning 2-5 "Rollers" in the afternoon =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 5 Total Boated: 3 Species Breakdown: all Kings (2x 15 Lb, and 1x 26 Lb) Hot Lure: A-Tom-Mik trolling flies (Green) and Spin Doctors (MTN Dew Crush) Trolling Speed: 2-5 - 3.0 Boat Depth: 120 -150 Lure Depth: 100 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Took a day off from work and hit the Trench outside of Henderson. Didn't seem to find anybody home, so we went out the SW end heading just to the right of the Mexico Nuke plant tower. Barely got outside of the Trench and my Port Wire Diver rod starts that lovely bouncing movement. Spin Doctor and fly out 300 with the walker deeper diver set on 3 brings in a 15 LB King. Just get it re-set and the Port Rigger rod fires (Spin Doctor and fly, 20 feet behind the ball down 110) brings in a twin to the first King. After getting reset, we turn around to make another pass, but a must have turned it too tight (Or I snagged the wire rod while dropping the ball back down) because the wire rod and the rigger rod now have two tangled spin doctors (Nice mess there). We decide to break for lunch and untangle the mess on the shore. Weather report said the waves would be laying down for the afternoon so we head back out after playing cats craddle with wire and Mono. Waves are bigger if anything in the afternoon. The waves are not angry, just BIG rollers (I swear they getting close to 6 foot swells). we have a couple of rods fire, but maybe it is the waves? My 21 foot boat is having difficulty maintaining speed and heading with the 8HP kicker, so I turn that off and go back to the big motor. Just get back to the 3.0 range and the starboard wire diver rod starts screeming (Spin Doctor and fly out 300 with the walker deeper diver set on 3). My buddy grabs the rod and it is clear that we now have Momma looking for the lost twins. After a pretty long battle the 26 LB King hits the net. Best ever day for me (Minus the tangle) on the water. 3 Salmon totaling 56 Lbs is an awesome haul in my book!! Here is the big one that finished the afternoon: And here are the three on a six foot table:
  4. My dad and Grandpa told me they use to catch them in "North Pond" on the Big Galloo island back in the day.
  5. NO problems with access (I don't think it as as shallow as it was last year). If you are not familiar with the run out to the lake from the boat launch using the creek, you have to be careful!!! Stay in the center of the creek from the ramp until you get to the little private marina on the left as you head out of the creek, as you get to that marina you need to keep left in a dredged channel (Not much wider than your boat) until you have reached the opening of the bay and can see the main lake. At this point you need to follow the channel as it runs along the right side shore of the bay heading out (If you cut straight for the lake or stay left you will run aground). You will start to see the green and red cans as you approach another small private marina on the right side of the bay. If you stay between the cans on the way out from here you will be fine. Reverse the process coming back in. It is not as hard as it sounds, and when you have run the channels once, you have a feel for where they are. I have seen plenty of first timers who smelled the lake as they left the creek not realizing it is wicked shallow the whole left side and center of that bay. don't ruin your day trying to get "unstuck" from mud. From the mouth of the creek to where the cans start might be 200-300 yards and the danger is shallow water mud with an unmarked channel that I described above. The rock dangers lie along both sides of the channel marked by the cans, stay between the cans and you will stay off the rocks.
  6. Fishing Report 10th MTN Dave / Summit ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):28 April 2012 Time on Water: 1200 - 1700 Weather/Temp: Post small craft advisery blue bird skies Wind Speed/Direction: steadily growing winds throughout the day Waves: .5-2 feet Surface Temp: 44-46.5 Location: South of Stony Point =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 2 Total Boated: 2 Species Breakdown: 1 Brown, 1 Northern Pike Hot Lure: Rainbow trout finish joined rapala Trolling Speed: 1.5 - 2.0 Boat Depth: 6 - 10 Lure Depth: 3 - 6 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Started late as we waited for the waves to calm a little after Fridays small craft advisery. Launched at stony creek boat launch and made our way into the lake with temps around 44F. Turned north and ventured into the first bay. I have only one good arm (post Bicep tendon surgery in my left arm) so I was driving the boat and netting one handed. I was trying to keep things simple for my novice buddy, so we were flat lining 4 poles off the back of my boat without my usual otter boat spread. We had the outside minnow lures back 150 and the inside minnow lures back 100 from the boat. We were still skunked after leaving the first northern bay, so we turned south fore the Sandy dunes south of Black Pond. we pulled tight into shore in 4 -6 foot of water to find our warmest temps of almost 47F. We were running some s curves and changing speeds when we finally got some action. My buddy was having a hell of a time fighting the unknown fish (I thought he had the biggest brown I was ever going to see). when the fish finall got to the boat I was surprised to see we had gotten tangled up with Mr. toothy critter: NOT what we were looking for, but fun none the less. We released him after a short revival and decided that we would head out to make a pass around drowned island. Just started turning back towards shore after passing by the deper side of the shoal when we finally get our score. Nice eater size Mr Brown for Supper: First trip of the year wasn't the best, but a success in my book. See ya Skunk!
  7. Stick baits in Silver and Black, Purple, or Gold and Orange are the usual killers for me. Turn South towards southwick and move in close to the beach over sand or turn North (towards stony point light house) and hit the ends of the points of the two bays to the north. Drowned island always gets a couple of passes (There is a green can marking the high spot as you turn south, but you have to look right to see it. It is out farther (Deeper) than most people think. Back in the day my grandfather used to tell me that people could picnic on that island before it "drowned". I plan on being there at first light this weekend!
  8. I would highly suggest an after market throttle control device (Like ControllKing), what ever you kicker choice is, especially at slower speeds. I have one of these on my boat and I can go as slow as I want (way under 1 MPH) without difficulty (21 foot G3, with 8 HP Yamah 4 stroke kicker). I had a lot of trouble even maintaining 2.0 MPH and keeping it steady with the factory throttle controls.
  9. Don't use any Flouro other than Seagaur. I use 15 LB test for spring Brown trolling, 50 LB for fall Salmon, and 80 LB for ice fishing (Keeps the toothy critters from biting through). Never had it fail, so if it ain't broke, I don't try to "fix" it.
  10. They are called "Bear Paw line-leader connectors" and they are still available at Bass Pro. I have seen them at Wal-Mart also. They are awesome "Knotless" connectors! I still use them all the time when I fish with live bait.
  11. OK...Both my Main motor and Kicker are four strokes, so maybe I am not helping you any...sorry I miss-read your post.
  12. Have you tried that ControlKing on your 9.9??? My boat is 21ft G3 (similar to Lunds) and I use a yamaha 9HP for a kicker. Was never satisfied with the factory Throttle, but with the ControlKing it is awesome. Never go over 1/3 throttle to get 3 MPH even in the stiffest winds and currents so I think that a 15 would be a lot of wasted ponies.
  13. I use 40 Ft behind the ball for spin Dr's and have not had any problem sending them down as fast as the rigger will go. Still getting Kings hitting, so it works for me. I would think that a short 6 Ft distance would have the Spin Dr catching the Rigger cable when you were going down unless you stop and start? Have not tried running flasher and fly that close to the ball. Last lucky day was 120 Down over 130 Ft of water, White Spin Dr with white A-Tom-Mik fly, 40 Ft behind a 12 LB ball at speed of 2.5
  14. ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 30 April Time on Water: 0700 - 1330 Weather/Temp: Very nice day, mostly Sunny Waves: 1-2 foot Surface Temp: 51F Location: Stony Creek boat launch =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 10 Total Boated: 9 Species Breakdown: 8 Brown Trout, 1 Smallmouth Bass Hot Lure: Silver and chartreuse stick bait Trolling Speed: 2.0 Boat Depth: 12 foot Lure Depth: 5-8 foot ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Last day for full time life jackets was the best day of the year for me! Took one of my old Army buddies fishing (his first time) and we had a riot. seems like there was nothing that the Browns would not bite, although the silver minnow with chartreuse back was certainly the hottest for us. We turned right as soon as we hit the last buoys and were into the Browns almost immediately. Had a triple with 2 browns and a smallmouth and with only two guys on the boat it was a hell of a Chinese firedrill. No auto pilot and Otter boats out both sides we were probably a hazard to navigation...Hope nobody recognized us...and sorry if we caused you to react to our Non-expert reaction to that triple. Kept 6 nice eaters all about 4 Lbs. One of the Browns had a fairly fresh Lamprey wound.
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