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  1. I'll check the voltage....I kinda figured it was something like that because they both started acting up. There are 2 on my boat. The one didn't work worth a **** the other would be ok until about 60ft then it'd start acting up bad. Thanks I'll keep you updated
  2. Hi guys I was fishing today and for some reason my downriggers werent working properly. They've worked fine the past few times I went fishing besides being slow which I'm assuming is because they are an old model. Well today they both seemed really weak and I'd have to rock the switch back and forth, play with the spool or the reset button to get them to retrieve for some reason. Unsure of the issue wondering if any of you have had a problem like this before. Thank You!
  3. Not really interedted in boat gear more or less rods, reels and lures could really use some dipsy rods. Thanks though!
  4. Ive messaged those who have stuff I'm interested in. Thank you.
  5. Looking for old gear you're looking to sell. Really interested in dipsy equipment but all rods, reels and lures considered. Let me know. Thanks!
  6. Do you still have these and where are you located
  7. So Im in town for the week and Im having horrible luck.....I basically need advice on any species preferably bass, pike,walleye or perch. I need this asap so please help me guys thanks.
  8. http://www.fishny.com/about/writerscorn ... storyid=73 check this one out. [ Post made via iPod ]
  9. Any bases included and how about the weights?
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