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  1. This is the place where I started a few years ago. The guys are great and very helpful. They told me what I needed and what I didn't need. I even gained a couple of real good friends that I now see on a regular basis when I drive up from Connecticut. Good Luck and enjoy your family! That's what its all about! My only regret is that I didn't start doing this 30 years ago!
  2. I used TUFF COAT on my 18' Alumacraft. Very pleased with it so far.
  3. I fished on that boat several times. I couldn't believe the fuel economy! It was way better than my 90HP Merc. Never any issues. Good Luck.
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    Interested also Message me please
  5. I had the same problem. The three way shut off did the trick! Good luck.
  6. REZ

    Boat shopping

    I have a 175 Alumacraft Trophy. I fish Lake O 2-3 times in the summer and CT lakes the rest of the time. All set up with riggers,dipseys,trees. Works fine, just wish it was a foot or two bigger. It has a 90hp merc and a 6hp kicker and trailers great. Found it on craigslist ct and added equipment with the help of a few members from this website. Is it IDEAL for Lake O, not in my opinion but it sure gets the job done. Good luck. P.S. I had 2 friends that had tracker boats about 15 years ago and had nothing but problems regarding leaks. I don't know how the newer ones are. I was told to go for Alumacraft,Lund, Princecraft when I was looking. No problems with the Alumacraft.
  7. PAP I hear that. I got some valuable information from this site and I also gained a few good friends. Worth every penny!
  8. I recently purchased a control king unit for my kicker motor. It worked great for a couple of days then it stopped working. I called Magna Mfg and had a new servo in less than 48 hours. The new servo is working fine. Its nice to deal with a company with GREAT customer service.
  9. I use Offshore inline boards with tattle flags. I keep them in place all the time. Works well for me. Good Luck.
  10. Never had any problem with Blacks releases.
  11. I did aluminum plates also. More surface area for support.
  12. Uncle Paul, you received and invitation from JD to talk about setting up your boat. Take him up on the invite! Several years ago he helped me set up my 17.5 Alumacraft for Lake O. Not only is he a nice guy, he is also very knowledgeable about his set up and what you need to increase your chances of catching fish on Lake O. I followed his advice and did great. Not only did he tell me what I need, he told me what I DIDN'T need, which saved me some cash. Great guy and very helpful! Good Luck, REZ
  13. I have a Humminbird 958 di works great with the Navionics chip. Works on Ontario no problem. Don't do the 800 series, the 900 series display is better IMO. Humminbird factory outlet store. This store is NOT part of Humminbird, but when I bought mine they were the cheapest around. I had NO PROBLEM with the place and the 958 di works great.
  14. We stayed there last April. We stayed in one of the cabins about 75 yards away from the water. Nice clean accommodations. At that time I didnt have a boat so we took the charter for two days. Did very well and Captain Wally is a great guy!
  15. The ratchet system works great, flips up to vertical extremely easy REZ
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