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  1. Just learning new at leadcore... what knot do I use to tie my mono backing to the lead or or do I use a swivel? Any help is greatly appreciated! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. You Guys never cease to AMAZE me.... All I need to do is ask.... and I get an incredible amount of help, knowledge and advise back immediately.! Thanks so much! Unclepaul
  3. It's a Queen 16 that has manually adjustable trim tabs. The boat is currently open with no seats so I can set it up any way I need to
  4. Im concerned about weight. I Have a 16ft Alumacraft (1961) with a 50hp Merc and a 10hp Johnson,and a board with 2 manual downriggers,mounted on it, I also need to carry 2- 6 gal Gas tanks for the main motor and a 2 gal for the kicker. Do I need to move the tanks up front and if so how far canI move them? Thanks Paul
  5. That's the last time I trolled... In the ESLO back in the eighty's. They were all we used on our planner Boards and they worked good.... so... that brings up my next question... what does everyone use now? Thanks Paul
  6. Thanks so much foe everybody's info.... Just what I was looking for! Uncle Paul
  7. Years ago I borrowed from a library an encyclopedia that had color pics of spoons, stick baits, etc. that listed them in categories by the fish species they were used to catch. I'm looking for something like that online. I have not trolled in many years and am planning on getting back into it when I retire. Just looking for a good place to re-learn.......without bothering anybody with lots of questions. Thanks Paul
  8. Thanks... Just the info I was looking for Paul
  9. I used these planner board releases way back in the early eighty's, I really liked them, but I cant remember what they are called. Also, anyone know where I might purchase more of them? This is the only one I have left.....(Used them in the ESLO Derby years ago!) Thanks Paul
  10. The Motor I put on the boat is a 1975 50hp Merc .It looks like The Motor has a single threaded hole to hook up the steering. I guess I'm a dummy Because i don't understand how to thread new cable on this one. All the ones that I am familiar with had 2 open pulleys with cable threaded in opposite directions that exited on opposite sides.. This one only exits on the Starboard side. Thanks Paul
  11. Can anyone Identify what kind of steering is on My Alumacraft? The boat is a 1959 queen 16 and the wheel and steering mechanism has been replaced. I think it requires a solid cable verses the Cable / pulley type system. Just don't know what cable to purchase. Thanks UnclePaul
  12. How is this foam Installed? Is it Expensive? I bought my Epoxy Resin for the transom from Jamestown distributors. Maybe they would have it Thanks Paul
  13. Looking for 2 swivel mounts that will work with Invader Compact Series manual Downriggers. Seemes Invader is no longer in business and I cant seem to find swivel mounts anywhere. Thanks Paul 585-703-8953
  14. Hello Found this site, Posted 1 topic, Got a ton of help and info back. Thanks so much to everyone! What a great place to learn..... About me....I grew up at the bottom of N.Greece rd at Buttonwood creek. Fished Buttonwood and Braddocks Bay My whole life. I fished in the ESLO Derby in the Early eighty's from the Genesee to Sandy Creek. Unfortunately I haven't trolled since the eighty's, and forgot most of what I used to know about it. I spent most of the past 20 years fishing in small boats for panfish. I am currently putting together a 16ft aluminum boat for all kinds of fishing. I figure I have five years (when I Retire) to get it set up perfect for spending long Days on the water.......Trolling, Sitting with the Bow in the Cattails, Napping....... Paul
  15. I don't understand what the foam under the floor is for. Unless the boat is full of water and sinking it's not going to do anything for the boat is it?. Just trying to get it right........Getting some great input / Ideas from everyone.. Thanks again........... Unclepaul Paint has been stripped off the bow since this pic was taken............
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