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  1. I haven't used the Aurora's but the composite Amish boards pull like a mule! I don't think you'd have much noticeable difference in pulling performance between the two. I reinforced my planer mast for fear they'd pull so hard to snap or bend the mast. Definitely get a set of board shockers with whatever brand you get to help with the strain in waves.
  2. You've got it about right, Eyecatcher. We usually start setting up in about 50 fow with baits in bottom 10 foot and riggers right off bottom with spoons or spin n glos. Troll north until you hit the mountain and then you can zig zag back across the structure, although many times in early spring they are roaming around in packs far from the mountain in those 50 - 60 ft depths. Should be kicking off here shortly and you can usually find them inside the mountain until end of May or so.
  3. Selling a few years old Strikemaster gas auger with chipper style blade that cuts 8.25" holes. Has brand new chipper blade and old blade as a spare that can be sharpened. Starts up and runs easy and no issues ever on this drill. Only selling due to a bad back (bulging disc) and friends can drill most of my holes now. Price is $250 firm. Located in Edinboro, PA but can also arrange to meet in Erie or some surrounding areas. 26seven - four8one - 0seven73. Text or call or PM via here. Thanks!
  4. I've always just left mine at factory settings. The only thing that matters to me is down speed and temp and as others have said above, it's only a reference so you can repeat what you were doing. SOG or GPS speed is right on the fish finder so it's something to give reference to what you're seeing down below with currents and the fish hawk reading.
  5. IUP30

    Sold / Closed Crestliner Phantom 2 SST 2160

    Bump to the top for a great boat at a good price. Personally fished on this boat and it handles and performs great. Very roomy fishing platform with a lot of storage space. Lots of fish brought over the rails and sure to be more for the next owner.
  6. I have a Tohatsu 9.8 electric start with alternator and it charges my battery fine at trolling speeds. Running my fish finder, stereo and other electronics off this battery and when I get home and put in on the charger, the battery is usually 90% or better.
  7. You could also tie in a 30 ft section of 25 or 30lb mono between your braid backer and the leadcore. This is where you could attach your inline board and still have the braid backer. 7 color I'd go with the 45 size reel.
  8. check out or call Great Lakes Planers - they can probably steer you in the right direction or even make something for your boat specifically.
  9. Agreed - look into a Troll Master. I put a TM Pro 2 on my 9.8 Tohatsu and the micro-adjustments let you dial in the throttle to the exact speeds you want and will keep it there. A little more investment other than just the motor but if you troll the majority if the time with the kicker, it's great to have.
  10. Crossbows are legal in PA during regular archery season and I was one of those who was initially against it. However after a few years, my opinion has drastically changed on the matter. I too went through a shoulder surgery right before archery season and has basically written the season off... until I started getting all those updates from friends in the woods daily and the rut heating up. My boss had a crossbow he said I could use and I initially declined before the season, until those texts and updates drove me over the edge and I needed to get back out and hunt. Luckily I was still able to cock the x-bow with the ropes without hurting my shoulder and with very little practice was out again hunting. Two or three hunts later I filled my buck tag with it. Now had they not been legal in PA I would not have been able to get out and enjoy that time in the woods that we all cherish. I did feel as if I was "cheating" a little bit not having to draw and hold for a shot. But they are easy to learn and be proficient with... extremely accurate and fast. But as others mentioned above, they are not "better" than compounds - just different. You still need to put the bolt in the right spot on the deer to be successful, in under 40 yards. I think that's where a lot of folks still have issues in PA and other states with them. Some guys think because there's a scope that they can aim where they aim during rifle season and wind up wounding an animal. With proper education for the hunter I have nothing wrong or against their use. Hope it passes in NY for you guys.
  11. Paul is right on. I hadn't fished Lake O in a few years and a few friends and I fished with him on Sunday for a charter trip. I definitely picked up a few things first hand that I wouldn't see just reading info and comments from others. I'd take him up on his advice and book a trip with him... you'll be on fish, have a great time and LEARN a lot if you watch and ask questions. Seeing first hand what's working and how to run the program will give you more confidence when you go and do it yourself. Paul - all of us on the trip had a blast fishing with you and we'll definitely do it again!
  12. There's a newer 4 stroke Yamaha 6hp in the classified section right now that might work for you....
  13. Sk8man - that's what I read too regarding higher RPM's for charging....Which is why I was shocked at the 95% left on the battery when I got home. All I was using it for was trolling and it's still in break-in period so I didn't give the throttle too much at all.
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