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  1. Paul is right on. I hadn't fished Lake O in a few years and a few friends and I fished with him on Sunday for a charter trip. I definitely picked up a few things first hand that I wouldn't see just reading info and comments from others. I'd take him up on his advice and book a trip with him... you'll be on fish, have a great time and LEARN a lot if you watch and ask questions. Seeing first hand what's working and how to run the program will give you more confidence when you go and do it yourself. Paul - all of us on the trip had a blast fishing with you and we'll definitely do it again!
  2. There's a newer 4 stroke Yamaha 6hp in the classified section right now that might work for you....
  3. Sk8man - that's what I read too regarding higher RPM's for charging....Which is why I was shocked at the 95% left on the battery when I got home. All I was using it for was trolling and it's still in break-in period so I didn't give the throttle too much at all.
  4. The electric start models do have charging...that's what I just purchased. After 6 hours on the boat and after getting home to the garage, I plugged the charger to the battery and it was at 95%. 5 year warranty on them too Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I just put a brand new Tohatsu 9.8 on my boat and took it out this morning for it's shakedown trip. So far I'm very pleased - super quiet and smooth running motor. My friend was comparing it to his Honda. I don't have a large boat (18.5ft) and when I was at the planer mast reeling in the boards you couldn't hear it running.
  6. If you have the mast already you can make your own set of wood boards fairly easily and cheap. Plenty of plans on the internet, just gotta do a quick search. I believe cedar is what we used building ours around 10 years ago and they still work fine.
  7. Where in Canada are you going? I've fished northern Manitoba in June and had great success with spoons - however the a few baits I brought with me to try were absolutely torn up after my trip. I'd use a snap to connect to the spoons and ones that didn't have O rings didn't seem to make a difference. The 2 baits that really were on fire for me were plastic swimbaits with a jighead (Big Hammer Swimbaits) and the other key bait was the Rapala X-Rap Sub Walk. The swimbait was great but would get torn up after 10 or so fish but it was amazing to have one hit and if you didn't hook it, before you'd get it to the boat you could count on having another smack it before it got there. I was running the 5 and 7 inch models. The sub-walk bait is the walk the dog type bait that you'd normally see on topwater baits, but it does the walk the dog zig-zag about a foot under the water. The blue/silver one I brought up with me had so many teeth marks in it I'm surprised it still had any paint left of it after the trip.
  8. Wish I saw this a week ago...i just ordered 2 from Fish307 on Friday. Looking forward to trying them Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys! Definitely lots of ways to do it and I'm anxious to get out there soon! Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Just wondering how everyone starts off with their programs in the morning and determining whether to run more sticks vs spoons in the spring for browns. Do you run one side of the spread with sticks and other side spoons and let the fish tell you? Or do you mix it up with some spoons and sticks on the same side? Or start with sticks on the boards and just run spoons off the riggers? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Thanks guys - I measured the other motor last night and it was a 15" shaft. I'm definitely leaning towards the 20" now though...
  12. Hey guys, I have a 1990 Lund Tyee 1850 and I'm going to be putting a new kicker motor on it after I had been using a motor we take on and off for duck hunting. I'm looking to purchase a new motor and it will likely be a Tohatsu 9.8 electric start but I have a question on the shaft length and maybe you'll steer me in the right direction. From what I can recall on the older kicker, I think it's a 15" shaft (going over to measure it tonight after work to confirm) and it seemed to push the boat fine for the trolling we do with it. I measured my transom and it's 20" at the centerline to bottom of hull for the big motor and where the kicker will be mounted it was 15". I've been doing a lot of reading and found both opinions that the 15" or the 20" will work here for my boat but I'm undecided as to what to order. I'm torn with what size to go with. On one hand I think I like the 15" due to I think that's what was on there and it performed fine. On the other hand, I've read the 20" will give me more control and power being further down in the water but I'm also worried about drag, especially when it's tilted up and running. As I can recall, the older kicker had just enough clearance when tilted to not drag. I'm looking for your opinions and specifically if anyone's ever had this same boat and put a kicker on. What performed better for you? There's really no big difference in price and that's not my concern - just want to get what will work best for my boat.
  13. I do what Missdemeanor does - Doctari long lines and I've got 12 slot decoy bags that we store the decoys in with the line and drops attached. Typically with diver decoys, as long as you aren't using oversided dekes, you can get 2 dekes per slot so you can pack 24 decoys per bag. You just need to make sure that when setting them out again after they've been bagged, to start with the last decoy that you put in the bag. That way when they feed out from the back they don't get tangled and pull out from the top. If you start setting with the first decoy you put in the bag you'll have some issues and decoys won't want to feed out of the bags and slots smoothly.
  14. Great job on the buck! I too had shoulder surgery but just a bit later on Sept. 29 to repair a torn labrum in my bow arm. I couldn't take it any longer and borrowed a crossbow last Monday and got it sighted in and ready to go. Put up a ground blind and brushed it in and had my first sit Friday afternoon and had a couple small buck harassing a doe at 3:45 and a few other bucks and doe toward last light. All day sit on Saturday and similar story - small bucks pushing some does but no big boys yet. I did bring in a doe decoy on Saturday to help bring the deer's attention off of the recently placed blind and it seemed to work well. 3 different does did basically the same thing when they saw the deke - came to 10-20 yards with their focus on it and not me. Of course no doe tag since I thought I'd still be hurting more from the surgery. This was all hunting in PA. After this warm front passes I think the daytime activity will really pick up. Been enjoying reading everyone's updates and success stories! Keep 'em coming!
  15. Looking for one of these Momarsh Fatboy DP layout/marsh boats. I know one sold a while back on here so this is a total long-shot.... but if you want to get rid of it, I'm your man! If you guys happen to spot one during your daily craigslist searches or something, please let me know. Thanks!