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  1. I have a 16 foot Legend,and a 8 horse yamaha it works great its hooked to my 40 horse for steering very good on fuel payed for itself almost the first years in saving .hope this helps
  2. Hello does any know how to fix my rigger it keeps popping the breaker on the way up,I only run 10 lbs ball don't thing that the problem .Any one know where i should i start to look thanks Guys
  3. All you stuff is cheaper that why you should bring me some up here lol
  4. Canadian tire has the 100 qt Igloo cooler on sale this week end 88.99 reg 149.99 good deal. June 9 to June 12
  5. i guess the swivel goes throw the top eye thanks again
  6. silver fox which knot do you use to tie the two line together thanks
  7. how do you guy store your rods with out kinking the wire [ I have 10 foot poles i need to take apart ] looks like the line kinks when a fold them together thanks for input.
  8. thanks for all the input Charlie
  9. Hello was hoping on some input on this item,I been looking for a way to steer my 8 horse kicker I found this on Amazon,good price around 50 bucks .Any help would be great thanks Charlie 55-2400_Spec_Sheet.pdf
  10. would you ship to ontario canada