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  1. Haha we are never truly done!! Ever Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Aren’t there rules on bashing people’s classified ads? Let’s all be friends here boys Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Where are you located? I'll take the Otter sled if you're close enough to Buffalo or Niagara Falls.
  4. Lots of good info found here, including on launches: http://forum2.quintefishing.com/index.php Most guys will use the launch in Picton, its a very good ramp, can handle big boats (I can put my 25' in here) but can be busy on weekends. There's another ramp, supposed to be pretty good, I've never used it, but its at the Glenora ferry dock, on the north side. Another one in the town of Bath. Closest to the Reach, but you have to watch the winds there. Anything out of the W/SW/S and it can be tricky.
  5. Sorry I have to revisit this, my questions are similar, but I have twin outboards and want to get a kicker. I have 2 batteries, no room for a third. Each main is connected to its own battery. Should I be OK putting the kicker and one main outboard on one battery? I've heard conflicting reports....
  6. Too short, had to buy the 25 footer. Came off the boat I just purchased. $40 or best offer. I'm in St. Catharines but can meet anywhere between Buffalo and Lewiston.
  7. Several items for sale: 1) Lowrance StructureScan HD - transducer is not included, power cable is included. Came on the new-to-me boat but I will not use it. Asking $300 OBO. 2) Scotty Cannonball Cradles - have 2. Asking $10 each. 3) Flushmount Rod Holders - also came off the same boat. Have 4. Asking $30 each OBO. 4) Marcum LX-9 - comes with camera panner. Asking $900 OBO. 5) Seasense Paddle - I think it's 24" long. Asking $15 OBO. 6) Porthole Window - was for the boat I sold, just found it. Asking $20 OBO. 7) Scotty Socket for Downrigger - came with the new downrigger but I already had one installed on the boat. Asking $15 OBO. 8 ) Tite Lock Rod Holder Plates - $10 for the pair. 9) ATV Tire Chains - these were on my 25x10x10 and 25x10x8 tires. Only used them one weekend and then decided to get tracks instead. These are the V-bar diamond pattern so pretty much the best you can get. Also including the 4 tensioners. Asking $175 OBO. 10) Reese Ball Mount and Ball - 7000 pound capacity on the mount and 7500 on the ball. Carbon forged. Just bought this spring. Asking $40 OBO. Price in $USD. All items located in St. Catharines but can meet anywhere between Buffalo and Lewiston.
  8. If this is the Lake Nipissing up near North Bay, Ontario, then I would say it is a large lake. That can get rough quick. However if you're at one of the resorts at the east end, near or in Callander Bay, you can often find sheltered areas close to camp. I've fished that area extensively over the years. The West End is likely the same story but I cannot speak to it. As for boat experience, most operators up there will be willing to help you out and show you areas to fish that are close by. Be sure to get familiar with the slot size and restrictions if you're fishing walleye - it is pretty discouraging if you're looking to keep fish. If catch and release is your thing, then you should enjoy the lake. Lots of different fish in there. Walleye is by far the most popular, but you can find perch, bass, pike, musky, etc....
  9. Have 2 of these. $200 CAD or $150 USD for the pair. Located in St . Catharines but can meet between Buffalo and Lewiston.
  10. Went to a track system. In good shape. Includes mounting hardware. $30 each OBO. Located in St. Catharines but could meet anywhere between Buffalo and Lewiston. Or will ship at actual cost.
  11. $100. Good shape. Sold the radar. Located in St. Catharines, but can meet anywhere in between Buffalo and Lewiston if you like. Or will ship for actual cost.
  12. Selling a one year old Garmin 741 XS with radar. Touch screen and CHIRP. Still on my boat so you can test. Works perfect. Selling because I just dont use the radar. Its the GMR 18 HD. Ive seen this package new for about $2800 CAD and $2000 USD. Asking $2000 OBO Canadian or $1500 USD OBO. Located in St. Catharines but can deliver or meet up in western NY. No transducer.
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