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  1. Gill I use the Trinidad Tackle 9" they are made of Stainless steel can handle being bent for a bigger wobble. The other is made of Brass will crack or brake when bending. I know of two tournament boats using Trinidad's on Lake Michigan with good success as well as Salt water guys out here. Bigfoot runs a Dipsy the size of a trash can lip, nothing mythical. about it at all..it's all true
  2. Came across this 12" flasher by Trinidad Tackle called the Beast it's 12" by 2 3/4" works great for Halibut wonder about those Lakers ? It's 100% stainless steel and salt water approved
  3. Thanks Gill I sent an e-mail to a friend of mine who is the lead biologist for the lake to find out if there are any Gobie in Shasta. I should know by Monday when he calls me.
  4. Here is the deal. Shasta Lake is just 10 min from my front gate. Have fished this lake for over 60 years. The average Rainbow is about 12 to 15" , but the place I keep my houseboat there are two Trout pens with feeders and when those feeders go off you can see 12 to 15 lb trout going after the feed outside the pens. Way to many times over the years when one see's still water on the surface you turn off the motor and slide into that area you will see these big fish feeding on surface bugs. I have drug Streamers, spoons by every manufacture of every color and size known to man even used Anchovy, Herring whole, but every five or ten years you will read about some 10 year old kid hooking up a 12 to 16 lb rainbow off the back of a houseboat with a night crawler witch brings up I have never tried a worm harness yet. These illusive Trout are called Eagle Lake Trout that come from Eagle Lake in eastern California . On Eagle Lake we use to use a florescent Orange Rapala with good success now days the fisherman are using a small fly... I have even tried both of these with no success.... I know there is an answer some place that will help hook and land one of these toads
  5. That would depend on the down rigger. Cannon is good for 20Lbs
  6. I have heard this question asked many times and still don't understand why it's asked. Kings and Coho are not boat shy let alone down rigger weight colors. When salmon fishing with a 6' to 12' set back how can color come into play at all from a weight. Our best Coho fishing is in the prop wash , Out west love the 15lb and up weights...pipe weights are a big thing for two reasons less blow back and hard to hang up on bottom.
  7. Out west here we will hook up Bass at 125' while trolling for Kings in water you can not see 2', It's all about vibration
  8. Vibration, Vibration, Vibration get the attention
  9. Mark living next to a golf course I now understand why you have no time to repair that roof ..............Guess I will not be coming out I don't own a Nail gun, just an old hammer.
  10. I have always wonder why states don't get out their shock boats helping clear out the carp.Even dragging nets would get a bunch...With today's technology you would think there is an answer or his the environmentalist having some say on this ?
  11. skipper19 Mark looks like you have some roof repair to do before summer comes
  12. If you guys could buy Andy Reeker spoons would you move back to pulling them ?
  13. Bob E-mailed me on my face book account today.Said he is still having problem with his new cell phone...So thanks who ever told Bob I was trying to reach him..Have a Merry Christmas....
  14. I have e-mailed him 6 times on face book. Normally would get right back to me...
  15. I have been trying to get a hold of Bob for the last 3 weeks. Last I heard he dropped his cell phone in the river... Does anyone know if he is still alive ?
  16. It's a wonder everyone survived it ......
  17. Not experimenting just curious between Big lakes dodgers and west coast salt water....One that was mentioned was a BLACK & PURPLE I have never seen that one before.....Some interesting answers for sure..
  18. stan


    Up here all the rain is just getting soaked into the ground...There is plenty of water in Shasta for great fishing. Myself I love a low water lake that way the fish don't have as much room to roam. Shasta has 365 miles shore line.... Some of the real small reservoirs you can't launch, but there are plenty you still can.....People cry when it rains to much and cry when it does not..Have to remember these are all man made bodies of water and not natural.....You have an entire Ocean to fish not far from any point in the state, you have Tahoe year round as well.....Life is great.............
  19. stan


    Out west here we are getting Snow in the Cascades, here at home it's snowing all the way to the ground (normal ) But the Valley below us is getting the rain, these guys are acting like it's never happen before......
  20. Big thing out West is your out fishing, when you come back your trailer is gone...as well as your rims and tires on your pickup. Country is going to hell in a hand basket.
  21. We drive on parkway's and park in Drive way's..Make no since to me at all
  22. 2 year old's are called Jacks and Jill's, it is very common for all ocean run salmon returning to spawn with big numbers of Jacks and Jill's among 3 and 4 year old fish to spawn. There was a great article written by M Currier biologist with California Fish and Wildlife...Now the Feds and even state hatcheries go by his findings to keep the species strong.
  23. What is a BROWSER ? Heck i don't even own a Cell phone
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