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  1. Pap , you making my mouth water ................
  2. Sk8 you have brought back the memories of the good old days. catching night crawlers ..... Catching bait in creek and streams . The young bloods of today just go buy it now . Back in the day we worked for our bait . tight lines
  3. I used to watch them on I - creek spawn below arch bridge in the spring . D.E.C needs to start putting in the lampricide in more often again . Also bring back Deet ......Back in the 50s 60s and 70s the bug count was less than now and people were happy outdoors
  4. here is a pic from the 10th from my trail cam
  5. samajm


    I Agree with boggle . Use cut bait ........GoodLuck
  6. tonight i trying the video mode ..... All antlers covered in velvet and their all male and big...
  7. A few friends stopped by.......
  8. .....rochester resident .............https://www.facebook.com/News8WROC/videos/10154812606239386/
  9. ...... The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it has completed the first phase of a project to restore the Braddock Bay ecosystem. Restoration ecologist Josh Unghire says phase one involved the use of heavy machinery to excavate channels and potholes within the existing marsh. "And the purpose of that is, by opening it up and creating some potholes of variable depth and some channels to access those potholes, we're improving the habitat. We're improving the accessibility of the march to species like the Northern Pike. We're also creating open water areas for water birds and water fowl." Unghire says kayakers recently reported that they saw fish accessing the newly excavated area. Phase two of the project will begin in August and it will involve recreating an historic barrier beach at Braddock Bay that once measured 100 acres in the early 1900s. "We think it's going to be really important for water birds and water fowl. One species we targeted was the Black Tern. It's a state endangered species that historically used to nest in Braddock Bay. It really depends on these open water areas within an emergent marsh." The nearly $8 million restoration effort is being funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.
  10. Help is on the way ....... History:Braddock Bay is located on the shore of Lake Ontario in the town of Greece, NY and is part of the Rochester Embayment Great Lakes Area of Concern (AoC). Over the last one hundred years, due to wave driven erosion, there has been a gradual loss of the protective barrier beach as well as a loss of approximately 106 acres of wetlands. Also, since Lake Ontario water level regulation began in 1954, decreased fluctuations in water levels have resulted in the growth of a cattail monoculture and the loss of diverse habitat that once existed. Study Overview:The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District has completed a feasibility study to identifying a plan for ecosystem restoration at Braddock Bay, Monroe County, NY. The goal of restoration is to improve habitat diversity of the existing emergent marsh currently dominated by cattail, and to reduce erosion of the existing emergent marsh. The black tern was chosen as a target species for habitat restoration, because it represents a historic habitat no longer present in the bay. This habitat, characterized by diverse aquatic vegetation zones, sedge grass meadows, and open water areas interspersed within a matrix of emergent marsh, will be significantly more ecologically diverse than the existing cattail dominated emergent wetland and would provide high quality habitat for many species of fish and wildlife including American mink and northern pike. The proposed project supports delisting of the Rochester Embayment Area of Concern (AOC) Beneficial Use Impairment (BUI) for loss of fish and wildlife habitat.
  11. This has happened way to much . either they over dosed him or he broke his neck falling and hitting branches. either way they need to find another way to remove a bear... i Watched 2 videos on this and never saw any aggression from bear . just like last time this happened . But last time bear bounced off ground after he was in net... If there were any danger to humans they could have just shot him. But way to many times this technique has resulted in bear dead .....So sad to see one of gods creatures dead for no reason .........
  12. https://www.facebook.com/4WTFVideos/videos/1777196765841213/
  13. samajm


    .... Slimy over 7000 views as of now and growing .. Nice job with the reports Angler .
  14. samajm


    Js003 no one can guarantee you fish . Tomorrow its going to sunny and high 58 degrees . If you do go i wish you good luck and post a report when you get home ........... .>< ) ) ) * <
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