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Blind Squirrel

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  1. Blind Squirrel

    Sold / Closed 2002 sylvan 1600 expedition

    New price 6700.00/bo just in time to fish for perch
  2. Blind Squirrel

    Sold / Closed 2002 sylvan 1600 expedition

    I am located in Batavia
  3. Blind Squirrel

    Wtb this spoon

    Did it have a white back?
  4. Blind Squirrel

    Wanted ISO Boat Trailer

    I have an 1988 shorelandr that I used for a 23' sportcraft I don't know if it's big enough for a 25'
  5. I have a sportcraft 232 walk around  do you have a topyou'd want to sell   May be interested in other parts including the auto pilot   What is the boat year. Is it a walk around ?

    1. Blind Squirrel

      Blind Squirrel

      It is a 1988 I don't know if top would fit its not a walk around The top was only used 3 years before it broke down if you know anybody looking for a 4.3 chevy or trailer let them know Thanks

    2. graham hall

      graham hall

      Mines a 90. Did you sell auto pilot. Where are you located I'd be interested if I could make top work. You can call me at 607-343-4681

  6. Blind Squirrel

    ISO auto pilot

    No this has not been sold I waited for the weather to warm up to remove it as the boat is stored outside, then the wind hit I have been helping my son in rochester. It came out very easy it is a simple install. I am open to offers
  7. Blind Squirrel

    ISO auto pilot

    The boat is stored elsewhere I will have to go to get some pics I have no idea how old it is so I would be open to an offer after you look at the pics I believe the steering wheel needs to be removed to get it off, it worked great when the boat was up and running. I fished alone often
  8. Blind Squirrel

    ISO auto pilot

    The lower unit went on my boat I am parting it out I am located in batavia
  9. Blind Squirrel

    ISO auto pilot

    I have a raymarine sportpilot on my 23' sportcraft it worked great you would have to remove it if interested let me know I can go out and get pics
  10. Blind Squirrel

    Fall perch

    Thanks for the input,I purposely downsized to a 16' to trailer to the bay because my grandson lives only 5 min away. Looking forward to giving it a shot, he loves to fish.