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  1. Do u have any pics
  2. Nice job thanks for the report
  3. Nice job!!! Could you put stinger hooks on or would the browns shy away from the lures
  4. Interested if crappie doesn't take it
  5. I got a few of the ones in the picture not sure about the deep divers. What hitting them
  6. Thanks for detailed reports helps us new be people out a lot
  7. I will take them if the other deal fails
  8. Thanks for the report how deep where the fish?
  9. Thanks a lot guys great info
  10. How do you guys keep the spoons and bay rats from hitting bottom in shallow water? what depth is a good starting point? I would like to pick up some bay rats what color do you guys like?
  11. I gotta dig them out, just moved try finding them tonight or tomorrow
  12. I got two of them they are singles but u could probably put them toghter