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  1. Great discussion for sure. copying Gill-Ts video link here as in my opinion it visually demonstrates what we are all trying to avoid (washing Vs fishing) awesome video Gill-T!!!
  2. so agree with this Though I am guilty of buying every color out there i think speed / action while fishing at the right depth (where the fish are) is the key
  3. I find it changes daily We run a little of both and depending on what is going we switch over
  4. ive been good between 18-30" but generally settle around 24" I am sure there are many opinions
  5. agree with above We always have meat fishing on our boat It may not take any shots all day but we always keep one in 42 degree ice water Usually ends up taking the largest fish of the day Tuning isn't as bad as you may think Most of the name brand heads come pre tuned I usually take a look at the roll and it is usually good to go. Play with leader length and with twinkies or without Another idea is to think about speed I try to stay 2.2 - 2.6 downspeed assuming you have that on boat. I find too fast gets less meat hits Just my opinion
  6. Out of Bald Eagle Marina this weekend but fished east toward Sandy Had some boat issues but was out for a couple hours after the blow sat and a couple hours early am sun Bite was hot Everything took shots 7 color / 10 colors were hot with Hulk and Burnt bread mags Spoons on riggers were going as well 65-80ft Mag Dispys out 125-160 and 1 setting all were busy Worked primarily 85-110 fow and bite was 40-75ft down Lost one pig and all other fish were mid teen kings with a mix of lakers and a cpl browns Hope the fishing stays hot for all
  7. thanks for the report Good evening for sure Mostly spoons?
  8. Shout out to Troubles and his gear that he sells Quality gear with great attention to detail and fast shipping!!! I would so rather give my money to local fisherman rather than retailers many states away
  9. Ill take the roomers Ill PM you
  10. Looking to stock up on some more of these releases but don't want to pay $10 ea. Please let me know if you have some you would be willing to part with THANKS
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