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  1. 10 ' dipsey rod with great lakes reel 60.00 or trade for Penn 320 gt 2 rivera down riggers. 50.00 for both Gimble mount. 25.00 Swivel screen mount 25.00
  2. What could you do on a package price Two rigger combos Two dipsey combos 1 combo to put down the middle either lead or copper
  3. Anybody have an extra topedo or tadploe diver that you would sell Please contact me Thanks
  4. Wondering if anyone is using diving weights like the tadpoles and what your thogts are on running one down the chute Also where i could pick one up for the weekend Thanks in advance
  5. Just wondering if anyone is using diving weights out there and what luck they are having Also where i could pick one up for the weekend Thanks in advance
  6. I will take them if you decide to go to 80 Do they lock in 4 postions Or infinite Thanks
  7. I was thinking 80 Where are you located Maybe i could pick up
  8. I dont want to low ball you What are you thinking Thanks Scott
  9. Sorry Thought i was in south shore reports
  10. Anybody have any success out of Ibay saturday Fished from 7 till 12 never moved a rod
  11. Sounds great Does it have a line counter? Thanks
  12. Wow I really appreciate that Unfortunately im in rochester Thanks so much for the offer All the best Scott
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