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  1. Ill take a dozen if you will ship them to Pa. Thanx Sammygee
  2. Speaking about buying local, I have stopped at the bait shop on Catherine's creek, just below Watkins Glen on Rt 14 four consecutive weekends, either on Thursday or Friday afternoon, and either Saturday or Sunday round 2:00 PM. The store has been closed in all occasions. They had a good supply of spoons I was interested in, but it is very frustrating that they don't ever seem to be open. Does anyone know whether they are still in business, or what their hours are ?? Thanx
  3. Chris. I have been trying to get in touch with the seller. I would like to pay thru pay pal, and have them picked up or delivered to Wayne {Green Dolphin}'s office in Victor. It would be great if you can pick them up, and get a day of Derby fishing in with me. I'll let you know
  4. I'll take them. I fish out of Sodus and travel each weekend from Pa. Call me @ 570 262 0716 and we can arrange pickup and payment.Not familiar with either of those towns. Thanx Sammyee
  5. Next time ur near Arnies's I will trade u some of my flys for a few google eyes call me at 570 2620716 when u are nearby.
  6. Was great to put a face with the name. Heard some good reports on the "google Eye" fly. Our "Special Meat" is also producing
  7. I have purchased all my fly material from Mad River. He is on Oneida lake. Carl is the owner, and he has been very helpful and has great prices. He also sells tapes and many other fly tying stuff. His phone # is 315 697 9768
  8. Go to youtube and watch a video on the bug a salt rifle. You load about an ounce of table salt in the rifle, pump it once and blast them into oblivion. It really makes the time between bites go fast. Several of my fellow boat owners have purchased them and we all love them. About 40 bucks. Good way to burn off the aggression when the fish aren't biting. Best Father's day present I got this year !!!
  9. Zip and Zim and I plan to fish Thursday nite. Wanna join us ??? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Thanx Mudflat. Hope to see u next week with the 5 footers Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. New Fish Hawk X4D Have a Fish Hawk 840.... Just bought a new X4D. Can I just "plug and play" or do I have to install the new transducer to show depth ??? Thanx Sammygee
  12. Thanx, Lily... Can't see how it is attached.
  13. WTB Fillet Board Looking for a fillet board for Tranxstech rails or Gimble Mount.
  14. Can also consider Gimble mount
  15. Fillet board I would like to fillet on board. Looking for one that could fit in Transtech tracks. Has anyone seen these for sale, or made them ???
  16. Public Launch is open, with no problems launching. I launched a 24 foot boat without any problem. All restaurants are open, but try the Franklin House.
  17. Lost Otter Boat Lost an Otter Boat in 4 footers West of Sodus last Friday. Strong West wind should have carried it to Fair Haven or Oswego. If anyone picked it up, please contact Sammygee. Thanx
  18. I'm in Sodus. Where r you??? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. Otter boat. Call ;570 262 0716 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. Got one..... Came off a Thompson 240 Fisherman. Had to come off to mount a kicker. Fiberglass, in great condition. Call 570 262 0716 or send me a PM. I live in NE PA but spend weekends in Sodus. Thanx Sammygee
  21. i've found the best way to mark your copper or steel in 50 or 100 ft intervals is with shrink tubing. Put 6 pieces about an inch or so on the copper or steel. Measure your 50 foot intervals, slide the shrink tubing, apply heat and the tubing will not slip.
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