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  1. I have two tickets to Sunday's final round of the 2017 Masters, but just realized I am getting married and can't go. If you are interested in going in my place, it's at St Paul's church, and her name is Emily.
  2. I have two original fixed 5 ft Cannon booms. 75.00 They can be picked up in Northeast Pa, or in Sodus Point, New York. I could arrange shipping, but probably will be quite expensive. I can text pictures. Thanx
  3. A friend who was trailering his boat between Bay Bridge and the public launch on Sodus Point lost the steering rod between the outdrive and his kicker. If anyone may have picked it off the road, please post, and I will get the info to the owner. Thanx
  4. Nice Downrigger mounting trac, made by T&L Industries. Has the "Versa-Ball" Mounting system. I was able to mount 4 Cannon riggers on my 17' Lowes fish and ski comfortably. Trac mounting bar is 7'6" and adjustable. This unit and comparable Burts tracks cost over 400.00 . I can text pictures. Get rid of the ugly 2 x 6's across the back of your boat. 200.00. Can be picked up in Dallas, Pa, Mexico, or Sodus Point, or shipped at your expense Also have a nearly new pair of Riviera folding planer boards 50.00. Pick up and shipping options same as above. Thanx I can text pictures, or I will post pictures as soon as my tech support comes home
  5. I have a nice pair of foldable planer boards, that came with the boat I bought last year. I just purchased otter boats. They can be picked up in NE Pa, Sodus Point,NY, or I can ship at your expense 50.00 for the pair. I can text pictures Thanx Sammygee
  6. What the hell am I going to do with another 9 million ???
  7. Looking for a single otter boat. Call 570 262 0716. I can pick up near Sodus/Oswego/Fair Haven Area
  8. Think about heading west to Sodus Point. The salmon and trout fishing is certainly on par with the other ports but a benefit for the owner of a boat your size is that it sits on Sodus Bay. On flat days you can fish the lake, on rough days you can fish the bay. I understand that the bay has very good bass, perch, and pike fishing. Another benefit of Sodus, is that you reach deep water in a much shorter trip than many other ports. Escaping deteriorating conditions on the lake can be much quicker, with a much shorter trip. Sodus has several launches, both public and private, great restaurants and friendly people. No, i'm not with the Chamber of Commerce, just another Pennsylvanian who spends most weekends at Sodus. Good Luck, there is no bad place to fish Lake Ontario
  9. I have fished both, currently using the Scotty 1106's. Love the liftable booms on the Scotty's. Also feel that since you use gravity to lower the balls on the Scotty's, you are only using the motors half the time. Parts and service seem to be very easy for the newer Cannons. Can't speak for Scotty parts or service, since mine are newer, and haven't had any problems. That said, you can't go wrong with either. If you are buying new, both are great, if you are buying used, I would stay away from the older Mag 10, or Mag 10A's, because parts are getting very scarce. Tight lines !!!!!!
  10. #2 and 3 look to be Mag 10A's. Parts are tough to find. Cannon doesn't support them any longer. So much for Life Time Guarantees !!!
  11. Two Walker High Speed down riggers. Both have swivel bases and dual metal rod holders. One has 300 ft 250Lb Power Pro, and the other has 250 Ft steel Cable. Work perfectly... 400.00 for the pair. Can be picked up in Sodus Point, Ny or NE Pa, or shipped at buyers expense. I can text you pictures, or call 570 262 0716 with questions
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