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  1. does he have a web site ??? Both google searches have phone # that is disconnected.
  2. Looking for a few Okuma Stratamaster reels 30 size
  3. Let me know if you have any to sell. Thanx Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Yes They are interchangeable.I used the plugs from an 840 on my X4D
  5. Bought two sets and have been using them for the last months. They are the best fixed cheater lines we have ever used. Caught several nice kings this weekend, using these snaps. Great product, great price !!!
  6. Greg I will take another set. I will send PayPal out now. Thanx
  7. Did you ever find transducer and cord ?? I have both
  8. I agree with UNreel, that we were dealing more with cottonwood, than fleas. You can rid the fleas by "'sawing'"it off of the wire, but this weekend nothing worked other than picking it off. Twillie tips were getting completely clogged. Real PITA
  9. Nick.... Your best post ever !!!!! You are making stars out of Ellie and Theresa. Drone photos are awesome !!!!!!
  10. Got one Pm me your number. We can discuss. Sammygee
  11. Anyone have any new stock left ?????
  12. Warrens closed last season. Nearest place with a great selection of spoons is Screwy Louies in Fair Haven. Nice people to deal with !!!
  13. You can use the public launch, lots of trailer parking there. Arneys has a good launch also.
  14. Why can’t we all get along !!!!!! Life is too short
  15. I’ll take them. Call 570 262 0716. Thanks
  16. Call me. I think I have what you need. 570 262 0716
  17. Quick Auto Zone customer service story : I purchased 2 batteries in the Newark NY store for my boat I fish out of Sodus. One year and a week later they failed. I brought them back with no receipt and armed only with my phone number they located my purchase and replaced the batteries. I now buy any auto I need at Auto Zone.
  18. Two upcoming fishing “flea markets”. This Saturday in Brewerton NY. And the 25th in Watkins Glen. You can buy a boat load of level winds for a very good price. I will be at both shows to feed my addiction. If a dozen spoons are good, then 1000 are better !!!!!!!!!!
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