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  1. Invader.... Hope you don't need parts. Although you can get a phone # and an address for Invader, I tried for a month to reach someone, to no avail. If you fall in love with this rigger, I have two electrics I will sell to you reasonably
  2. Theresa....Great teeth !!!!! Hope to see you guys at Sodus this weekend. Sam
  3. Having trouble finding a motor housing for a Cannon mag 10A Part # 1243600 Hoping someone can find me a new or used one. Thanx
  4. The company doesn't return emails or return phone calls. Anyone have one, or know where I can buy one Thanx
  5. Looking for a counter for a 4000 electric Invader Downrigger. Found a website and phone # for Invader, but I have not received a reply to E mail or a response from the phone #. Are they still in business. Does anyone know where I can buy parts, or does anyone have a counter they will sell me. Thanx Sammygee
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