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  1. Mint condition 6'6" (78 inch)long. Versa Ball mounting system. Run four riggers from a 78 inch beam eeffectively.http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/uploads/monthly_03_2014/post-143170-0-92587700-1396215824.jpg 200.00 Call 570 406 8789 for details
  2. Have 2 digi trolls 3 Mag 10's selling reasonably
  3. I will forward your info to the owner of the board, and he will follow up with you.
  4. Let me know the beam on your boat. A friend just removed an aluminum mounting board and would like to sell it at a reasonable price
  5. Just got home and found two fixed Cannon bases which will be included with the digi-trolls
  6. Have several down riggers for sale : 2 Cannon digi-trolls programable great shape. 400.00 each 1 Cannon digi=troll control pad bad, switch installed, works fine.250.00 2 Invader electric 4000's work fine, with swivel bases 150.00 each i Cannon Unitroll manual fixed base. telescoping boom great shape 175.00 2 Cannon Mag 10's. 175.00 each I live in Pa but can save the buyer shipping charges, if you want to pick them up either at the ELOTSA show 3-15 in Cicero, or the Watkins Glen show on 3-30. Sorry, I don't have pics. Only have bases for Manual and the Invaders. PM or call 570 262 0716 for info. Thanx
  7. Can you tell me the location and date of the sale in Watkins Glen. Thanx
  8. Check Janns netcraft. Looks like one of their spoon blanks. They come in 2 3/8 and 3 1/2 ' sizes
  9. A friend is restoring a 1991 Cris Craft Concept and is looking for the back seats. They can be in any condition, since he only needs one to copy and build a frame and reupholster If anyone knows where one may be junked or parted out, please respond. Thanx
  10. Thanx for the info. Serious, serious cabin fever
  11. Does anyone know the date for the large fishing flea market which I believe is in Watkins Glen ???
  12. Nick I'm still a little full from eating the Normandy cut of prime rib last week, but will still join you for dinner..See u Thursday
  13. Damn Video.... Thought I could blame it on someone else. Thank God I have broad shoulders, so I can take the abuse. See you Thursday nite...
  14. I will be attending the Slam, an would like three XL shirts. I hope to be up at Sodus Thursday or Friday, fishing with Ruff Ryder, and cooking for the bar b que following the fishing. Thanx Sammygee
  15. Invader.... Hope you don't need parts. Although you can get a phone # and an address for Invader, I tried for a month to reach someone, to no avail. If you fall in love with this rigger, I have two electrics I will sell to you reasonably
  16. Theresa....Great teeth !!!!! Hope to see you guys at Sodus this weekend. Sam
  17. Having trouble finding a motor housing for a Cannon mag 10A Part # 1243600 Hoping someone can find me a new or used one. Thanx
  18. The company doesn't return emails or return phone calls. Anyone have one, or know where I can buy one Thanx
  19. Looking for a counter for a 4000 electric Invader Downrigger. Found a website and phone # for Invader, but I have not received a reply to E mail or a response from the phone #. Are they still in business. Does anyone know where I can buy parts, or does anyone have a counter they will sell me. Thanx Sammygee
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