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  1. What are the most popular;lar destinations in the Southeast. Thanx
  2. Had an Alaskan Trip booked for July 2020 to the Kenai Riverbend Resort but due to Covid and Salmon fishing restrictions we had to cancel. We are planning to go June 2021. The trip we missed included two guided boat trips on the Kenei for Kings, two ocean trips for Halibut, a flight trip into an interior lake for Ling and Rainbows, and a flight trip to view and photograph Grizzles. Last year the entire Kenai Area was shut down for Salmon Fishing cause the run was delayed and I don't want to take that chance. Have any LOU folks had a good experience that they can share with me. I am looking, of course, to catch a 40lb King, a Halibut about the size of my garage door, sleep in a clean bed and have access to good food. Looking forward to some good recommendations
  3. Welcome. You could learn pretty much all you need to know here. Just add water !!!
  4. Looking for a fast reel which can hold 500-600 ft copper. Suggestions ???
  5. Greg... Send me 16 Red. I'll pay Pal now. Thanx Sammygee Sammygee 186 Elmcrest Dr Dallas Pa 18612
  6. Nice one Les !!!!! Haven't caught one yet wearing a mask.....
  7. You have a PM Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. 200 really ????? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Need two bases... Mag 10 has the threaded hole in the middle and the Marlin seem to slide into the base, Live in NE Pa weekend in Sodus. Thanx
  10. Looking for two bases. Live in NE Pa and Sodus Point on weekends. PM me if you have a couple. Thanx
  11. Very confusing....My boat is currently at a marina already in my slip. I would like to know whether I can take the boat out to Lake O. Who would have jurisdiction and police my use, the Coast Guard, the sheriff's or the State Police ??
  12. sammygee

    Sold / Closed Cruisers 3270 esprit

    Lydia doesn't come in this deal, does she ???????
  13. Will this still be going on ????? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. I think that LOU junkies like me owe a great deal of kudos to Sk8man who is always willing to educate and share his vast knowledge with everyone who needs it. I learn something every time I read his posts. Thanx
  15. Waiting for Pay Pal info. I have trolled these many times for browns. Silver blue and gold/orange have been deadly.......
  16. Been fishing nearly every weekend for the past 5 years with a large group of friends out of Sodus, and I seem to remember two Walleyes caught by the entire group. This move by LOC cannot increase entries. IMO bad move.
  17. Are you referring to "Twinkie"rigs ??? If so, an easy fix is to put a bead before the fly and keep it fixed by jamming a toothpick against the leader and breaking it off.
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