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  1. Thanks to all that replied. Plan to take the advice given and just buy new. Will start with a few spoons and old lures. Have a pile of wrong color lures that wpuld come next! Thank you for the input, a lot of talent on this board! Sent from my SM-A515U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Looking for a decent quality airbrush (Iwata, Paashe, etc.) Or full set up to try painting some lures I have laying around. Wanted to see if anyone has something sitting around before I jump in and buy new. Thank you! Sent from my SM-A515U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Okay folks, looked in my lure storage area, I have a ridiculous amount of lures that need to go. Mainly Rapala, Lucky Craft, some Salmo, and other miscellaneous (Norman, etc.). I would prefer not to have them all up at one time, but let me know what you are looking for and I will see if I have it. Along those lines, I will also trade lures for boat equipment (rod trees, even a boat :-)). Feel free to make offers via PM, will keep lures here for a week or so, then move to an auction or back to storage. Thanks for looking.
  4. PULLED FROM MARKET FOR NOW. THANKS Purchased a quantity of these recently, did not realize I already have a large quantity on hand. My stupidity is your gain. There are 8 colors: Top Row L-R in photos:Flake Happy Gill, Nasty BG, Chartreuse Shad, Sexy Chartreuse Shad Bottom Row L-R: Bone Pro Blue, NC Shell White, OR Tennessee Shad, Pineapple Shad. I have at least 6 of each color in stock. These are a silent jerkbait, have had good success casting these as well as trolling (walleye/pike,, etc.) + shipping or buy 4 and shipping is included. If you want a bulk purchase, PM me and we can talk. If you are a lure painter, PM me and we can discuss trades as well.Thanks for looking! Have a bunch of other LC lures around, if you are looking for something specific. Thanks.
  5. Just found the crate that has these, need them gone. $7/each includes NY Tax. Order 4 or more and I'll pick up the shipping.
  6. Two of the Super Shadow Raps are gone along with a set of Glidin Raps and Jointed Clackin Raps. Will leave this up a little while, then move it off to auction where the price goes up. Thanks for looking.
  7. Had a connection in Europe for a while and was able to procure a few that were/are only sold in Europe. The Glidin Raps and Jointed Clackin Raps are discontinued everywhere, the Super Shadow Raps are still available on the continent. Price $20/each, offers considered, bulk discounts available. Glidin Rap 15s (GLR-15) - Have a few of each color. Think I have some GLR-12s in the same colors but will have to look to see quantity. Jointed Clackin Rap (JCNR-14) - Have a few of each color, may have more colors if you want something else. Super Shadow Raps (SSDR-16) - Only have 2 each of the colors shown. The last photo shows a size comparison of the three lures listed.
  8. Okay, way overbought on so many fronts, just looking to move some things out of inventory at a loss to recoup some funds to buy more! Lucky Craft 200 (I believe 20 cm) and 170 (17 cm?). The 200s are solid, jerk/glide baits and the 170s are jointed jerk/glide baits. I have 4 of each color shown. $9/each +shipping. If you want several, pm me and we can work out a deal. Buy them all and you will get an amazing deal! I am located near Otisco Lake if you would rather meet to pick some up. Sorry not much of a photographer yet! Have a stash of Rapala Glidin Raps as well (the 4 pike colors from Europe), pm if you have interest in some of those. Thanks for looking.
  9. Up for spring, will be moving these to another site later this weekend. Thanks for looking.
  10. These got wet in my basement and may be dirty but still sealed, new. Boxes may have gotten water in them (crappie tubes). 63 packages of grubs, etc. $40 shipped in US Unknown number of Crappie size/type lures and tubes. $65 shipped in US.
  11. Sorry, was not last time up. Business under water again sale! sump pump died, all lures listed are high and dry but have WAY TOO MANY. More to be posted as time permits. All HJ-12s are sold. Thanks for looking, more to come. Will give each lot a few days then off to auction, so if you want something, make an offer. If you need enough of them, we can talk Layaway!
  12. Don't want to bother folks, so last time up. Thanks to those that have purchased to help me out! Again, if you want any of these lures, send me a PM with an offer. I will start listing on other sites sometime this weekend. Thanks for looking.
  13. Sorry, no web site yet, keeping overhead low. Need to move some lures, I'll pick up the Paypal fee if you pay that way or 5% off for check or money order. Thanks for looking.
  14. Had this in the sponsor section, but thought it might be more visible here. Would like to move a few of these prior to posting some of the others in the basement - Its too many to mention without being embarrassed. For Muskie fisherman, contact me, I have a small hoard of Glidin' Raps in 12 and 15 in size in the European pike patterns if you need some to fish or re-paint. Quick history, I am just a weekend fisherman like many on here and I have another pseudonym I use for posting about fishing. I started CNY Tackle LLC a few years ago to purchase lures and equipment from the manufacturers and dealer stock. Kept collecting and building up planning to sell some things but life always seems to get in the way. So, now I am finally starting to divest some of the lures. First up are what I like to call "Fisherman's Lures". You might say they all are, but these are much more so as they have blemishes on the packaging only! They are all new in the box, but they may have stickers, sticker residue, cracks in the plastic, etc. Some packages are near perfect, just the plastic is scratched. They are meant for being fished, they won't impress fishing buddies with the shiny new packages nor are they in collectible packaging. They are good, honest, new lures that won't make it on a retail shelf. So, here is a starting list, many more to come (yes, I am a hoarder). If you don't see something you want listed, PM me and I'll see what I have. Shipping is extra, you can pick up near Otisco Lake, Paypal fees are extra and please do not ask about F&F, it is a violation of their policy and mine. Volume pricing on request, free shipping if you buy 5 or more. Feel free to make offers via PM as well if you don't like the prices listed. Thanks for looking. Ken As most of you know, but for those that don't, Rapala Model numbers are a code. The first letters (1-4 letters) are the model/type (J=Jointed, SR=Shad Rap, etc.), the number is the lure length in centimeters generally (i.e. SR05 is a Shad Rap, 5 cm long) except for anything with a fixed depth (DT10 is a Dives To 10 feet), the letters after the number are the color code (S=Silver, FT=Firetiger, etc.) - SR05S - Shad Rap, 5cm, Silver Rapala Jointeds - $5.25 each Shad Raps - $4.75 each Misc. Shad Raps - $4 each Original Floating - F3, F5, F7 - $4.25 each F9 and larger - $5 each Husky Jerks - HJ06 and HJ08 - $3.75, HJ10 and HJ12 - $4 Crankin' Rap and Dives To - $4.25 each Scatter Raps - $5.75 each
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