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  1. Try Fat Nancy's Tackle Shop in Pulaski. They do mail orders too. MATT Sent from my SM-G970U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Look for a Ruff Rider posting for real time information. I have not been out since last Saturday night. I did speak with a Captain yesterday while I was doing some work on my boat. He was going out yesterday from Sodus targeting east of the channel in 300+ fow. He received guidance from a Captain buddy that temperature was very deep, down 130 feet. If you don't get any better guidance, go straight out the channel and look for the big boats out on the horizon and go there. If you have a temp probe, set a flasher/fly or meat rig at 50 degrees and others targeting 50 to 54 degrees. If no probe, target 120 to 150 down. Run dipsey with flasher/fly or meat. I like running black/glow lures down deep, but that is all guess work there. Good luck. Matt
  3. Just curious. What is up with all the grass in the water? We were trolling 180 - 250 for down 90 - 130 ft. Been trolling 30+ years, and have never had this problem. Not seeing any grass on the surface either. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Went out Tues 8/2 for a night bite (5pm to sunset). Ran 2 steel dipseys with Spin Drs flies, varied depths. Riggers from 30 to 120 ft with flasher/meat and numerous spoons. Started troll at 100 fow..no bait, hooks or activity. 40 degrees at 30 ft. Knew that was going to be trouble. Trolled north to 250 fow. Still no bait, hooks or activity. 44 degrees at 30 ft. Trolled back to 50 ft....still nothing, same temp. Pulled. First night bite skunking. Nice night for a boat ride. Heard the same on Wed 8/3 out of Sodus.
  5. Much appreciated! Thank you very much! It was a great evening for fishing. It's so cool to see women and kids catch fish, especially salmon. They follow your guidance and do it right the first time. Unlike some guys who just want to muscle them in. My daughter did great and she also cleared all the lines and downriggers when I caught my laker that thought it was a king[emoji2] [emoji2]. Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Yep 126 on rigger... Wanted close or on bottom where the hooks were. It worked just fine. Stir up the silt to trigger a strike. Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. I'm glad they did. Thanks for that info. I'll call them next times I am out to thank them[emoji41] Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Fished Sodus waters 5-9:00 pm. 2 for 5. West out of channel. My daughter caught her first King!! 18 lbs off rigger down 126 ft over 122 ft. She now knows why they call them KINGS! Blisters and arm cramps. Glow & black spin doctor with blue fly, back 18 ft off ball. Had 49 degrees down 120 ft with slight current, running 2.5 - 2.7 mph speed at lure. Marked lots of bait near and on bottom, many pods with marks. I caught a 22 lb Laker off the steel dipsy set on #2, counter of 333 in 133 fow. Glow & green spin doctor with green fly. I never had a Laker do this, but it screamed out to 550 on the counter and fought and took numerous short runs all the way back to the boat. I was expecting a King at the net, but was totally surprised with it being a Laker...wow! Both fish were revived and released for another day of work. Thank You to a big powder-blue 30 foot fishing boat exiting the channel into the bay. One of the guys yelled towards me, 130 foot, 130 foot! That's what I did and it turned out to be just the right real-time scouting report. I was planning to start out in 300 fow. Appreciate that non-solicited communication, who ever you are!
  9. Sorry to hear your 840 probe bit the dust. I lost mine last year due to cable breakage. I bought the X4 kit w/o transducer. It is so much better than the 840, especially in signal strength and readings on the display don't bounce all around like my 840 did. You'll like the X4. Goodluck Anviltop out of Sodus
  10. I have 2 downriggers and I stack them all the time. Greater than 50% of the time, I put out sliders on the down rods. I do not experience increased tangles or issues on the down rods vs the top rods.
  11. Hi - I am looking for real trout/salmon trolling application feedback with the Humminbird 898C SI. Is side imaging useful for trolling in shallow/deep water? Is down imaging useful for trolling? does it pickup downriggers ok? Will it detect & show the thermocline? Surface temp work good? Does GPS navigating back to the spot where the hooks were work easily? Any issues or problems & suggestions? Thank you for any help you provide. Matt
  12. I will be fishing Sodus Sat 9/18. Are the kings in near shore? My plan is to troll out the channel and do the 8-30 fow swing until the sun is higher with j-plugs. Then try to find em 50-200 fow with spin docs, etc.. Been hearing that temp is real deep, has that changed this week? Advice is welcomed. Thanks. Matt
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