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  1. Anything is possible. I run the big cowbells off the ball with a clip off the cowbells and a short lead to the peanut or spinny. Catches just the same but now your only fighting the wet sock not a wet sock and the resistance of the cowbell. keep in mind lakers are lakers, they aint the most elusive fish of the bunch.
  2. No truer words have been spoken! you are spot on.
  3. Agree! we purchased our boat this year as the third owners. We put the 3rd name change to her and all we did was catch fish. No issues. On the flip side we did do the renaming ceremony lol.
  4. I am sure not much will happen till the marina revamp plans are finalized. It would be a fun idea to play with but all ya really have to do is take a look at a good wind speed, direction, and forecast app. I have a three and a half hour drive to Oswego every weekend. I am going up regardless. I wont base a fishing trip of a web cam. That lake goes from 5' to Glass in the blink of an eye and vice versa. But yes a cam would be nice.
  5. I thought it was sketchy also but last season the break away didnt break (Twice) and we lost the whole shabang
  6. bump for a great little outboard. I used to have this motor on the back of the Thompson I sold Jay. I could troll an 8 hour day on 3 gallons of gas.
  7. congrats on the sale. She is a sweet rig. I miss that boat!
  8. Matt shoot me a text. I will be in town Wed night.
  9. Take the advice and buy a Terrova.
  10. A great salmon boat she is. I am working on a buy back
  11. What size Flasher are you running?
  12. x2
  13. I didnt need a survey while I owned it. After me I couldn't tell you if there was one or not. I do believe it is usually the buyer that requests and pays for one.
  14. If anyone has any questions about the history of this boat they can fee free to PM me as I was the owner of it previous to Jay. It is a super solid fishing machine. She handles big water with ease and still keeps a good sense of maneuverability, shortly before the swap we fished her in the Oswego Pro Am and as you know Sunday of that event sucked , but she kept right up with the big boats in solid 3 to 4 footers. I will tell you that there are a bunch of 24' Thompsons and the like out there for 5 to 8k. I would invite you to go look at them then go look at this one and you will see why the price difference. This boat is solid from the stringers to the transom. Not to mention 100% of its original gel coat is in original shape. Again if anyone wants to know the history of this boat from its previous owner please feel free to contact me.
  15. cut on contact.