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  1. Thinkin'Big

    Cayuga 5/6

    I know the lake well, but have never heard of "the bowl" being referenced. What are you referring to?
  2. Thinkin'Big

    Skaneateles flat line question..

    I have trolled Skaneateles quite a few times....Never had much "luck". I produced fish but nothing to write home about. Mainly small LL Salmon, Lake trout, and a few just legal rainbows. I myself would never compare Skaneateles lake with the trolling of Cayuga. So I guess to answer your question, in my opinion of you have means to go to Cayuga, fish Cayuga!
  3. Thinkin'Big

    Skaneateles flat line question..

    Food for thought...I was listening to a seminar about 2 years ago, a well known charter captain from Oswego was talking about leader lengths in lead core set ups. He said that there is no reason to have a lead core leader length any longer than the length of the rod that you are using (and quite a few people in the crowd agreed with him). He basically said, the longer the leader, the more it screws with the presentation of your spoon or whatever your using. But especially with the lighter flutter spoons, the long leader and light flutter spoon attached to the heavy sinking lead core will actually float its way upward messing with the presentation and action of the spoon. I took the advice and shortened my leaders to between 8-15 feet and it has helped a ton. Tight Lines.
  4. Thinkin'Big

    Myers Launch Water Level

    Outstanding!!! Thanks buddy! Tight lines to you!
  5. Thinkin'Big

    Myers Launch Water Level

    Anyone know about the water level at the launch? Is it back up and safe to launch bigger boats?
  6. Thinkin'Big

    Meat rigs

    Message Sent