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  1. 8410xsv - Sold ps30 - Sold ps31 - $750 lvs12 - $220 gms10 - Sold OBO can do PayPal, would like to split shipping. Located in Lancaster, NY
  2. Can also do the 8410 with a PS30 (have both mounts so can mount it conventional or ‘sideways’. $2300
  3. Willing to separate; Garmin gpsmap 8410xsv with g2 vision Great Lakes mapping card - $2k Garmin PS31 on fishing specialties pole mount $850 Garmin livescope LVS12 transducer $200
  4. Looking to sell part of my Garmin network. gpsmap 8410xsv with Great Lakes mapping card PS30 PS31 GMS10 network hub lvs12 2 marine network Ethernet cables. $3500 for whole lot currently do not want to break it up located in WNY
  5. I have it on a 2005 optimax. You need a module that plugs into the motor. This module transmits through Bluetooth. Cost about $150-200. Shows a bunch of info hours, rpms, temp, water pressure, etc.
  6. I currently have a 2005 merc 9.9 Bigfoot pro kicker with remote electric start and power trim. If I was to upgrade to a 2020 15 hp merc 15hp pro kicker, would the controls all be plug and play? Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. The father-in-law had the port side and was running shorter leads and seemed to be getting more bites. I usually set my spoons 20-25 ft back (FF combo 10 ft). Got a couple releases, but not as many as him. After noticing the fish on the rigger weights I shortened up and took more strikes. The weights were black Attomik 15.5 lb torpedo weights. I was also running a free slider, 8 ft (length of rod). I could see it was 20 feet down and there was a 5 ft bow in the line from blow back.
  8. Was finally able to get out trolling lake O with the ps30 mounted ‘sideways’ on the transom. We would frequently see fish approach and stay right on the downrigger weights. We were running spoons and I usually put them back 20-25 feet. After making this observation, we shortened leads to 10-15 feet. I have video but am not sure how to post from my phone. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Here is a link of how the PS30 can be used for trolling Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Primus- Last Salmon Man Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. I have the PS30, PS31, and lvs12. By far the best for trolling is the transom mounted PS30. I originally had it mounted like it was designed to be. Worked fine for salmon fishing because I use short leads off the ball, 10-20 feet. Could see the rotation of the flasher. Saw a video from some guys in Europe who mounted the PS30 ‘sideways’ using the mount for a PS31. The cone angle is 120 degrees which allows you to look forward and back a good distance. Didn’t get a chance to salmon fish this year but used it walleye fishing in Erie. In 60-70 fow, could see about 40 ft behind and 20 ft in front of boat (boat is 20ft). Both downrigger balls were still visible. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. I have a GPSMAP 721 (chart plotter only, no sonar) with g2 vision great lakes chip still available
  13. Fish hawk is gone. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Huge Father’s Day Sale! Up to 60% off! Accept PayPal, will negotiate shipping Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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