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  1. Sold Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  2. chinook266

    Fish Finders

    Garmin. Has Panoptix. It's the real deal. Nothing else like it
  3. chinook266

    Why can't I catch Mature Kings?

    I fish out of Olcott a lot. Some advice, change your divers from braid to wire. Short leads off the ball, 10 ft for spin doctors, 20-25 ft for spoons. I very rarely send anything down 100 ft and I still get my share of matures. If you ever go out in the PM out of Olcott the green NBK spin doctor with crinkle green atomik seems to out produce every thing else for me.
  4. chinook266

    Lake Erie Salmon

    I've seen an Atlantic taken out of Erie from Dunkirk area
  5. chinook266

    Garmin Panoptix

    If cost isn't important then the gpsmap 76xx xsv would be the way to go. They are networkable and can use an all-in-one 2d/side/downview all chirp transducer (gt50/gt51). The gpsmap 7xx xs series would be next (xs = chirp sonar). These are also networkable but need the gcv10 box for chirp sideview. This line may be being phased out. Starting to see price drops on them. The echomap series is compatible with the panoptix (would have to see the compatibility list for specific models). The echo maps are not networkable. I know there are a ton of choices. I currently have a 741xs, 721, and echomap 70s (discontinued) all networked to a gcv10 and gms10.
  6. chinook266

    Garmin Panoptix

    Yeah it's pretty easy to understand what you're looking at. It really helps to enhance 2D sonar. When both are on you can watch a fish swim in from the side and as it enters the cone of the 2D sonar you watch the 2D mark appear. The 2D helps because its a historical view. The panoptix is real time, so if your not watching the screen as it happens, you can miss it. This is all in the real vu mode. I haven't used the 3D mode much yet. That looks like it has a little more of a learning curve.
  7. chinook266

    Garmin Panoptix

    I wrote a quick review in 'this old boat' section. In short, I've only had it out twice but love it already. Is it worth the $? Well, that is quite subjective but I'm already picking up as much overtime as possible so I can get the forward view, too. There are a bunch of conversations and info on panoptix on the BBC boards. That's the best info I've found from fresh water fisherman who have experience with the units. They're not all bass fisherman, either. Let me know if there are any more specific questions and I'll answer them the best I can.
  8. chinook266

    Garmin panoptix

    Called Garmin customer service. They took note of it and said they would bring it up to engineering to possibly develop a shield. They make a spray shield for some of their other transducers. They just used a design that someone made on another forum. Gonna try to move the transducer higher. I don't believe I need it to be below the transom since I don't need it to read at running speed. The only issue is it could block the forward view. I saw that youtube video. It was the final push for me to pull the trigger.
  9. Airmar TM150M transom mount transducer for Garmin 8-pin. 300W 2D Chirp 95-155 kHz - $100 Link to garmin's site for compatability: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/shop-by-accessories/transom%20mount%20transducers%20/plastic-transom-mount-transducer-with-depth-temperature-airmar-tm150m/prod120791.html Garmin Bluechart G2 Vision HD Great Lakes Chart - VUS042R (2015) - $100
  10. chinook266

    Garmin panoptix

    First time on lake O with the garmin PS30 transom mounted down view transducer. Some quick impressions: Able to see much more than 2d. Constantly seeing fish swimming in and out of the screen from all directions often with 2d showing a blank screen. (2d transducer is garmin gt23 600w chirp) Am able to see not only the downrigger weights but also the baits behind them. Can easily seen the rotation of the flasher. Was able to watch fish come follow the baits on occasion. Wasn't able to see dipseys. Will have to play around with changing gain, depth, and angle ( you can adjust the beam angle of the transducer from the head unit, not the transducer physically.) Shoots a wicked rooster tail (Lund v-hull). Need to fabricate some type of spray shield. Overall, way better than 2d but need more time to fine tune. Has to be seen in person. Still pictures don't do it justice.
  11. chinook266

    Garmin mapping software questions

    I have the blue chart g2 vision for the Great Lakes region and it is excellent. There is one for Lake Ontario which has the eastern end of Lake Erie, niagara river, st Lawrence, and Erie Canal for around $90 on eBay