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  1. Didn't know exactly where to post this. Please pass the word, maybe in other forums and other places on LOU so maybe it will help someone. I saw an upper outboard motor cover about 10:15 am today on side of road that someone must have lost while trailering. It is small to medium size (maybe from a kicker) mainly grey with some graphics. Might be somewhat older model. Saw it on the transition ramp traveling in Rochester, South on Rt 590 going to Rt 490 West. It was on the right side of the ramp which is single lane with barrier walls on both sides and no place to safely pull over. To be safe, it would require help from Monroe County or NYS police to retrieve it. Could not tell it's condition other than it is in one piece.
  2. I just became aware of this in a weekly email I get from the DEC and I found this article. This fish was caught in a very small private residential lake. It goes to show that big fish can be found in small places, including private lakes and ponds. What a slab!! https://www.fieldandstream.com/fishing/new-york-angler-catches-largest-crappie-of-all-time/ The photo got squeezed horizontally in this posting so for a realistic view go to the link.
  3. You might want to check out the Seneca River (for pike and tiger muskies) which runs into Onondaga Lake and also the west end of the lake. It might be an ideal place for you to explore with your kayak. You just wouldn't want to eat any fish from there. You also might want to consider joining Muskies Inc. Central NY Chapter 70. Those guys can give you advice on waters in the Syracuse area and tactics on them. There are several small to very small lakes that are stocked with tiger muskies east of Syracuse and in the Adirondacks north of Utica. For walleye Oneida Lake is exceptional. You can target them there in the spring from shore/wading, especially in the dark with small crankbaits.
  4. A video would have been priceless!!
  5. I just received this message from my inquiry to the NYS Parks Dept. about the Ibay launch. So I guess the only recourse you might have is to look at the particular agreement and also the written policy of whomever made the agreement with the state for each launch. If there is no mention of honoring the Empire State or Golden Parks program then all you can do is try to get them to change it somehow. Good afternoon- I received your note about the Golden Park Program usage at Irondequoit Bay. You are correct, the Town of Irondequoit does operate and maintain the Irondequoit Bay State Park under a cooperative agreement with New York State Parks. The Town operates and maintains the facility at their expense and as such, an agreement was negotiated where hours of operation, opening/closing of the launch and facilities, and all park fees are determined by them. The Golden Park Program and Empire Passes are honored at Irondequoit Bay but unfortunately our other State Parks have different systems than the Town and the pay station in place does not have the ability to scan passes or NYS issued IDs. Passes can be obtained at Hamlin Beach State Park or issued at the Irondequoit Town Hall Recreation Dept. This pass is to display on your vehicle for local law enforcement performing compliance checks. The pass is only valid at Irondequoit Bay State Marine Park. Other Parks facilities will still verify with attendants or use of the pay stations that have the ability to scan Empire Passes and State issued IDs. Although we do have a sign near the pay station, we will work on making this information clearer and more accessible on our website. Thank you for reaching out to us and we look forward to helping you get a pass to use at Irondequoit Bay. Arthur Briley Acting Regional Director New York State Parks- Genesee Region 1 Letchworth State Park Castile, NY 14427 Phone: 585-493-3601 Email: [email protected]
  6. I did find out what to do about the Golden Park Pass for Irondequoit Bay. I now have a pass that I found out that NYS residents over 62 can get from the Irondequoit Recreation Dept. located at 154 Pinegrove Ave in Irondequoit. It is good for one year (expires in March) and is just an extension of the Empire Pass system but only good for non-holiday weekdays. I also plan on talking to the Irondequoit Dept of Public Works to see if they can install a machine at the launch that is capable of scanning a driver's license like the one at Conesus. State residents come here from all over the state and should be able to utilize the program without having to go to a town office for a pass. I hope this is useful to some of you. I told the woman at the recreation center I will spread the word so she might be issuing more permits. Maybe this info will be helpful at other launches also.
  7. It might be because of state rules/regulations. They have permit requirements and maybe others as well as a requirement that the permit holder have a minimum amount of liability insurance.
  8. Sounds like it is contradictory to the program. Here is a link to the NYS Parks page that lists all locations where you should be able to use it. https://parks.ny.gov/documents/admission/EmpirePassCardGuidelines.pdf I have been trying to find out why I can't utilize the Golden Park Program at the Irondequoit Bay State Boat Launch. The program allows state residents that are 62 and older to enter state parks and use state launches free on non-holiday weekdays. Even though they revamped the launch, the pay machine doesn't have the drivers license scanner, like at other State Launches such as Conesus Lake so you can scan your license and get a launch ticket for free. The town of Irondequoit is overseeing the launch but it is a NYS launch. And on the page link above, it says; For information about facilities where this program is valid, contact the nearest state park, state park regional office or: New York State Parks Albany, New York 12238 518-474-0456 TTY/TDD through 711 Relay Service *free vehicle access not valid at Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park, Earl W. Brydges Artpark State Park, Fahnestock Winter Park, and Oak Orchard State Marine Park. There is no mention of IBay in the list of excluded sites. Has anyone had problems using the Golden Parks Program at other sites that should be included?
  9. Did you have it surveyed?
  10. How much of the weed beds are left in Chautauqua? I was just wondering after what I heard last year and the fact that they put some herbicides in this year too. Even though they won't admit it, the herbicides can spread and affect much larger areas than the target areas. But if the curly leaf pondweed is dying off now, that would be normal for mid to late June.
  11. But they can just divorce their husbands!
  12. AnglingAddict They need to invite God to be a member of the board.
  13. One must take into consideration the fact that long range precipitation estimates are educated guesses. They use computer models to try to make predictions. Around the Great Lakes, you never know for sure exactly what a weather system is going to do. That can make a difference of an inch or two of rain with just one storm, depending on if it stops and hangs, or goes south and east or north and east. The watershed for Lake Ontario is also huge, so depending on where a storm goes, there may be significant runoff into the lake. With that in mind, one storm can have a significant effect on the lake level in a relatively short period of time. And there can be more than one or no significant storms. The latter has happened. In the winter there was no way the IJC could have known that. But if they didn't let enough out in anticipation of a possible wet spring, then everyone could have been complaining of flooding. The lake level can rise up a lot faster than it can be drained. There are a lot of ways water can go in, but only one way it can be drained. They can't just lower the level with the click of a mouse.
  14. Up periscope!! DIVE DIVE. Must have thought it was amphibious.
  15. Update. I just tried calling and he answered. I will be bringing it there for them to look at during business hrs. and then go from there. But he told me once they look at it and estimate the job, we will be able to set a time for me to bring it in to do the work. So I won't be without it for a long period of time. Because at this point, it is not so bad that I can't use it. As long as I am careful not to stress it too much. Thanks guys, for the info.
  16. I just wish he would answer my messages and let me know if and when he might be able to do the work on my boat. I have been trying to make arrangements since December last year. I imagine that all reputable marine service shops are busy now. Probably more than usual because of the pandemic and other reasons. But I can't even get an appointment or get in line for one. I really don't know of any other quality shop I could contact.
  17. I saw this article a few days ago. A link was posted on the Niagara Musky Association (NMA) website forum. There has been previous talk about the gobies and concerns of their effects on the Niagara River and Buffalo harbor, especially the river. So it looks like it is also a huge concern there. It is a different fishery with other dynamics but it does seem to possibly be a major factor. Young of the year survey results have been very dire. Last year, some NMA members who switch to targeting bass in the summer when water temps are high were saying that catch rates were very low. But that may be partially due to the unusually high Lake Erie water temps that year. But I would be interested to know if the gobies are also impacting other species spawning success. I would also be interested to hear about how the gobies are impacting other Great Lakes muskie fisheries such as Lake St Clare and Georgian Bay. Muskie anglers need to band together to support research and action to help preserve these special fish. Maybe the Federal infrastructure bill can help support the costs.
  18. They closed the IBay launch (state launch managed by the town of Irondequoit) last fall to raise up the launch and parking lot area to compensate for future high water levels. It is still in progress and unusable. The level is lower now than it usually is in the fall.
  19. Does anyone know what is up with CW Samson Marine? I have been trying to get in contact with him for several weeks. No answer on his phone. I even left several messages for him on LinkedIn. I did hear from him in Jan. on LinkedIn and he told me he was back to home schooling. I wanted to drop off my boat to him then, so he could replace my aluminum boat transom over the winter. Now I can't get in touch with him still. I have had work done by him a few times and I really like his quality and attention to detail. I don't know if I can find anyone else comparable and able to do it soon. Can anyone tell me if he is still doing work?
  20. Great!! Good luck this season.
  21. Here is a Google search page with multiple sources and explanations. I saw some charts for 12v and some for 24v but I am not sure if there are any for 36v. The higher the operating voltage, the lower the current draw for a motor of same Lbs of thrust so the wire for a 36lb motor doesn't have to be as thick as that for a 24 or 12 lb motor. I can't remember exactly how I arrived at my choice but heat is a concern as well as reduction of voltage (therefore power) and price/ft. There are obviously tradeoffs. Also, you can probably take into account that most of the time you will not be using continuous full power. https://www.google.com/search?q=wire+gauge+chart+vs+voltage+and+current&client=firefox-b-1-d&sxsrf=ALeKk00eihkK6cJcOJd6_ZSBOC1Ct4z7oA:1614801046342&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=jkQpCQMB_JdZ2M%2CBm_Lxb3wQHwxJM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kRkklVAzNFGgcdErjPhPZCLDCy-ew&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjS0f_V8pTvAhUlGFkFHdJ1CssQ9QF6BAgLEAE#imgrc=jkQpCQMB_JdZ2M&imgdii=uIuU_0Nlma73vM
  22. That is the one I was talking about. Also there is an adapter for the panel mount connector to adapt to a heavier gauge wire. I had to get that because I went to a 12v motor when my older 24v was stolen, because there was no longer a 55lb thrust available in 24v. I also had to rewire the boat with heavier gauge (6awg) wire from batteries in back of boat.
  23. The twist lock plug and receptacle I am talking about are marine grade with rubber seals and corrosion resistant contacts and connections specifically made for this purpose.
  24. There likely will be a difference in the amount of current (and therefore wire gauge) required by the trolling motor than what is required by the anchor winch. So you must be aware of that in order that you don't compromise the trolling motor performance. Also, the longer the wire, the heavier the required wire gauge. You also need to be aware of the maximum current rating of the plug. Usually a 3 blade twist lock plug is used for trolling motors. I believe they are rated at a much higher maximum current than the one you show. And of course you need to be concerned about fusing and all connections being heavy duty enough for performance and fire safety. You don't want the wire or any connections to generate excessive heat. One thing that is good is that a 36v motor uses about 1/3 the amount of current that a 12v motor of the same thrust uses. You might want to switch to the twist lock plug for both devices and wire is as discussed above.
  25. If the relay is clicking there must be a break in the circuit somewhere or the motor could be defective. test the motor by bypassing the power directly to the board. From the board pictures above, it looks like the main traces on the board that are used for the power to and from the relay contacts are on the component side of the board, for which the connections are under the body of the relay. There is a plating inside the hole through the board that makes contact from the bottom to the top of the board. The process of de-soldering and removing the old relay can damage that connection through the hole. That is why I talked about ( in above post) using the soldering iron to heat up the relay post, and break it free of any solder that will be left inside the hole between the post and the inside of the hole. The copper plating can break and cause there to no longer be a connection between the two sides of the board, so when the new relay is soldered on the bottom, the solder will not make a connection between the relay pin and the top of the board. You can check for that by using an ohm meter to measure for zero ohms between the top and bottom traces on the board. Disconnect power first. You may have to scrape paint off somewhere on the top trace to make contact with the meter probe. Check this for all of the relay pins. If you don't have zero ohms on any of them, you will have to solder in a piece of insulated wire to jump between the top and bottom of the board to repair the damage. The wire must be of sufficient gauge to carry the motor current. You may have to first scrape the paint off a spot to solder the wire to. Tin that spot and the end of the wire with solder before soldering the wire to the trace. Be careful to not damage the board or allow solder to bridge to another connection. Sorry if I provided too much detail. Hope this helps. From what you have described, those "hole plate-throughs" are most likely where the problem lies. Also, it looks like those two relays may be operating in conjunction to reverse power for up and down. If so, the problem could be related to either one or both relays.
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