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  1. I use the black plastic coated 6" steel leaders when targeting northerns. When bass fishing I tie jigs directly to line which does occasionally result in breakoffs when a northern grabs it but I like to finesse fish for bass by popping and dropping the jig while retrieving and it will occasionally get fouled with the leader.
  2. Fishlover, as prayingmantis said, we cast mepps for northern or use a jig and pig in deeper water. For bass we cast 3" shad colored twisters on a 1/4 oz jig head, either of the setups catch both bass and northern. Our best areas this year were on the Grindstone Island side of Eel bay and around Canoe Point down to and around Delaney Bay
  3. prayingmantis, water is a couple of feet higher than normal but it didn't seem to affect the fishing for us, if anything it seemed that more fish were holding in the normally shallower areas. We caught some big smallies (4-5 lbers) in fairly shallow water for this time of year, 10-12 ft, which isn't normally the case.
  4. Got back from T-islands on Sunday, fished Eel Bay for a couple days and caught enough good perch for a fish fry for our group of 8. Also caught a few Northern, Smallies and Large Mouth. Considered heading to Carleton to try for some eyes but figured we would try Lake of the Isles first for some bass.Caught about a dozen and then started picking up some nice crappie just as the sun was setting, about an hour and 15 minutes later we had 30 slabs in the livewell. I absolutely love crappie fishing and spent the remainder of my evenings chasing them and never even tried for walleye. Roughrider IV, any luck on the walleye for you?
  5. I fish lake erie regularly as i live in the buffalo area. have been doing well this year, have caught 125 walleye so far. was just looking for areas on the st. lawrence while on vacation. thanks for the reply.
  6. Same here, have been fishing it for over 10 years and had never caught one either until last year at carleton island
  7. St Lawrence River Walleye Will be making my annual trip to Wellesley Island in mid July. Anybody have any info on walleye fishing close to Wellsley? Have made the long run to Carleton Island before and have caught a couple there but it is a long boat ride especially in the dark. Any info on areas to try closer to Wellesley would be appreciated.
  8. Walleye Anybody been doing any good with the walleye? Headed for a week long trip to Wellesley Island in mid July, any info would be appreciated. Last year we made the run to Carelton Island and caught a couple. Is there anywhere closer to Wellesley to try for walleye? Thanks
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