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  1. I put the snap weights on the leader just behind the copper. Just got to try to guess how much weight and change it out unless you get a fishhawk td you will never know how deep there running. But a snap weight on the end of a 300 pulled by a tx44 will have lots of vertical movement. They really sink and rise quite a bit on turns. I don't spend enought time out there to get a precise depth on it all but if I think I need deeper it's easy to just add a snap weight. If it fires it's easy to repeat it.
  2. I'd take the 2 8'6" dipsys if available
  3. I run 2-8 oz snap weights and it's a guessing game as to how deep it will run without a fishhawk but if you got line counters or count passes on the reel you could repeat it if you do connect. If you got a '500 copper and marked off '100 sections you could run that down the shoot you can deploy any length really. High speed reel to clear it for fish on the other lines helps. Over the winter there will be plenty of deals on stuff. Pick away here and there and you'll have a decent start. But snap weights are your fastest cheapest way back in the game.
  4. This can be an expensive sport. If you are new id recommend getting riggers and wire divers first. Coppers are great and Id not leave the dock without mine but it's a limited use type of rig. Riggers and divers can be used to target any depth and are easier to learn. Copper can be great but one wrong move and the whole rig will be out of the game. You really want big high speed reels. My 500 copper setup cost me more than my first downrigger. You could get away with shorter coppers and snap weights and be more versatile. Eventually you will get long coppers but there the last thing I would add. If you get a good deal they would be worth it.
  5. I believe a lot has to do with who bought tickets. I know that stalker caught the top salmon at 32 but he also the week before cleaned a pair of 34's and a 35 but the clients were not in the derby. I believe there were winning fish caught out of every port but not entered in the derby.
  6. X2 on the Cisco motors. Better and cheaper. Easy to do. Might also want to clean and grease up the drags and gears.
  7. I hunt deer for meat. Not sport, fun, or trophies. All I care about is 4-5 medium sized does. I'll take a few from others too. I usually end up with 6-8 every year. I think if you need a gun in September you don't belong in the woods. This is stupid.....and it ruined my Adirondack hunt this fall. I loved the early black powder season up there but now just gonna take the easy way out and blast some does here. I don't like it at all but will take advantage of it.
  8. I like the 2 color. Great on a downrigger and if needed a snap weight will get you deeper. It's useable for early browns all the way to fall stagers. Obviously you will want many different setups but that one always has a use.
  9. I have a lot of plugs and tons of tape and paint. If I don't got that one I'll run the closest I got and maybe a Grinch maglip that looks almost identical and is a solid producer for drifting the lower Niagara. If you plan on running kwikfish in the river during the run make sure you try that one.
  10. I'll take these. Pm me info
  11. Any pic of this j plug? I've not had a plug bite in years. Gave up on them but thinking if I get out this weekend I'm gonna give them a chance again.
  12. I've never had any problems with troubles fixed slider rigs. I just wind it up to the tip and if I can't reach over and remove it I just keep cranking and it will slide down. Never any problems. There the cheapest option out there and hold up nicely.
  13. If the bait is caught and stays in the marked corridor it should not need any preserve. It's not been that easy to dip smelt in the last few years. You could just print out a fake package.
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