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  1. I've never had any problems with troubles fixed slider rigs. I just wind it up to the tip and if I can't reach over and remove it I just keep cranking and it will slide down. Never any problems. There the cheapest option out there and hold up nicely.
  2. If the bait is caught and stays in the marked corridor it should not need any preserve. It's not been that easy to dip smelt in the last few years. You could just print out a fake package.
  3. I use to use cheap flush mount rod holders for everything. For under 100 you could get 8 metal rod holders for board rods and storage. I had hand crank riggers on gimbel mounts that slid into them. Only the diver needs a good rod holder. Even the tite locks you need to keep your drags lighter or you will eventually strip the aluminum washers. I don't like the rod trees but another option for a cheap setup......someone here has something collecting dust somewhere. What kind of boat are you rigging?
  4. My recommendation to anyone running small boat or just getting started is to use the fixed doulock snaps that "troubles" sells in the classifieds on here. I've used most of the methods here and many more. Hooking his sliders are as easy as it gets really. And he will tie them any length you want. All his stuff I've been extremely happy with. Everything is packaged conveniently. I use all his leaders for dipsies and everything.
  5. Item #2 is for sure a fixed slider. Friend has run them on his charter boat for years. Never seen item #1. Looks like it might be a stacker without a release.
  6. You need a swivel or solid base? I ordered 2 swivel ones last year and opened them this year only to find a solid one in one box and a swivel in the other. I want to have them match so need to sell one and buy the matching one. Don't care what one.
  7. Looking for bechhold & son big kahuna flashers. They have the spinners like the coyote flashers. Also looking for metallic green and metallic red dipsy divers. Let me know what you got.
  8. I have a friend with an old cris craft. It has dual inboard motors with dual brass props and tube shafts thru the bottom. He needs a shop that can cut 1-2 inches off one of the shafts and re cut a keyway. Basically cutting 1-2 inches off a bar stock and cutting in a keyway on the shaft. Not sure why? Maybe 1 of the motors sits back farther or the shaft was just for another boat and is a bit longer. But the prop on the port side is longer and he wants it cut and re keyed. I'm not a machinist or boat mechanic but seems easy enough for anyone with a machine shop to handle. Anybody recommend a shop in the wny area?
  9. Looking for a pair of wire diver rods and reels. Prefer 8'6". Will consider any size. Reels must hold 1000' of wire. Prefer ready to go rigs but will spool with wire and put on twili tips if needed. You all want to upgrade anyway so just sell me your old stuff. Thanks!
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