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  1. Hey, I'm heading over to Pulaski, New York this coming Saturday for a week. Does anyone know of someone in the area that could put a new motor on my rigger? Thank You Kevin
  2. Awesome pics. The smiles say it all. I'm heading over for a week of fishing on September 7th. Save some for us!
  3. I'm heading over on the 18th. Wondering what the boat launches in the Mexico Bay area are like. Are they open and usable? Thanks
  4. Dave is the real deal. I've been using his spoons for 20+ years with great success. If you email him, he'll get right back to you. Last fall I asked him to bang out a certain spoon he hasn't done in years. He had no problem with that. Give him a try.
  5. I have a two battery system in my boat. The main motor has its own battery. Nothing else hook to it. The kicker has charging system and maintains the accessory battery. Hasn't failed me yet. Take care and good fishing
  6. Hey Nympho, I have a 1992 GLS 195. I'm in Vermont and the boat is presently wrap for the winter. I'm 99% sure I have the original brochure that came with it. I bought it new. I'll look tonight for it. I can make a photo copy of it and mail it to you. Totally surprised your floor isn't aluminum. Mine is. Love the boat. it handles Champlain and Ontario just fine. Catches lots of fish.
  7. I have two batteries on my boat. They are isolated. One battery is just for the main outboard and the other is for everything else. I've had no problems in twenty-six years. Like Bozeman Bob said, if isolated it doesn't matter.
  8. Thanks for the info Relentless. Good luck the rest of the season.
  9. Updating my electronics Going to be updating my electronics next season. Presently I have a Eagle 420 fish finder and a Eagle GPS. Not sure of the model number. Want to go with a combo unit to make room for a fish-hawk. What would you guys recommend? Would like to stay under $800.00 for the combo unit. Would appreciate your advise. Thanks Kman
  10. Great job! You can't complain about this weather. We were over the week of September 11 out of the Salmon River. Had a awesome week. Thinking about updating my electronics next season. What are you using and do you like it? Any advise will be useful. Thanks Kman
  11. I live in vt too. I'm heading to Pulaski on Saturday for a week. Is unit still available? Sent from my SM-T560NU using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. In really rough water. I will fill both bow live wells up. That extra weigh helps. Good luck and be safe. Kevin
  13. Hey Fishingfool34, I have a 1992 Sea nymph with a 90hp Johnson. I installed a kicker also. I did purchase a rubber pad to make sure there was no vibrations transmitting through the boat and it protects the boat. It's been there 25 years now with no problem. Have a great fishing season.
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