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  1. Are the covers still available? They would have to be shipped. I live in VT.
  2. Great job! You should be proud. Now it's time to put some fish in it when mother nature allows. Enjoy!!!
  3. I have a 19' deep v that I fish Lake Champlain And Lake Ontario. Handles the rough water well. You still have to use common sense when out on the lake. I use to fish Lake Ontario in my buddies 16' deep v. Thought it was a bit too small. That's why I went 19'. Safety should come first
  4. That was a great machine in its time.
  5. I listen for the hum. Nine times out of ten when I hear the hum. My speed is perfect and catching fish.
  6. The cams would be very useful!
  7. Thank you everyone for your advise. It's on my to do list.
  8. Peel and toss. Thanks Sent from my ALCATEL A564C using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Removing factory decals I'm planning on painting my 1992 Sea nymph GLS 19 this summer. What is the best way to remove the factory decals? Any help will be appreciated.
  10. My floor is all aluminum including the cover over the gas tank. Lucky I guess.
  11. 23 years old and still looks great.
  12. My aluminum floor is covered with marine carpet that is glued to the aluminum. I pressure wash it every year.
  13. I bought a new Sea Nymph GLS19 in 1992. Still have it today and fish Lake Champlain & Lake Ontario. The factory aluminum floor is the way to go. I helped my buddy many years ago replace his plywood floor in his Starcraft. What a pain!!! Glad I don't have to worry about that. I'm hoping to upgrade to something a little bigger in a couple of years. I want to stay with an aluminum boat with a Aluminum floor if possible. Good luck with your search.
  14. Would you break up the pair? Looking to add one more rigger to my boat. Cromer
  15. Would you consider splitting them up? I'm looking to add one more down-rigger to my boat.