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  1. Ok I have had the same problem I got good tires well balance , and proper air pressure ,problem solved
  2. I have had mine for years no problem , but left them in boat one winter and one did fire off just a new cylinder good to go
  3. Found a rivet missing on my starcraft 191 islander how to repair or have to pull all floor boards it's all original
  4. yes i use rachet straps , this is the first time i left it mounted . was only a few miles still bent s just a week brecket
  5. I have same bracket with a 8 HP. 2 stroke bent it on road to launch piece of crap was a pain to fix just my opinion
  6. Looking for the part that bolts to the IO for a Merc curser alpha 1
  7. looking for an ezy steer part for mt I/O merc alpha 1 the part that bots to the I O any help thank
  8. Thanks the tires didn't last 1000 miles was balenced , take to a garage tomarrow inspection tires heaver ballenced twice to make sure and the allinement on frame thank you
  9. thanks shakemsam lets hope thats not true
  10. thanks there are both cupping, never heard of heaver tires both need changing so i will go heaver thanks
  11. My trailer is single axle and is eating up tires . I under stand wheels eaitjer in or out , but how to make even I don't seem to get it ?
  12. How about a soft top extension and drop curtain
  13. This is so sad , just scare most people .
  14. bad spark advance had tp replace some parts in the disttour
  15. Will I started cheep, with fuel filter then plugs wires cap Roger then carb rebuild twice finally after $2000.00 bucks and two years back and forth to a mechanic a wire shorted out the spark advance that fixed it . Sorry not the best news if you a machanic would be cheeper , I am a so so one so I gave up took to a mach. He was off and on for two. Years
  16. I had to be towed in 2 years ago first time out in front of plant cat fish had a friend come get us I gave him all I had in my wallet $200.00 it was worth every penny as i was craping my pants with sons on board .i would tow anyone at this time Thank you
  17. I have a 4 cyl Merc 1995 had problems for 3 years rebilt carb change plugs Everytime out change to A warmer thermostat finally took to a Marin 3 times for a fix this spring made them place in lake and drive the spark advance was not working properly readjust carb on water in gear ltrooling now all seems fine crazy about $2000.00 later
  18. K the handle no problem it seems to be the part the cable shifts to by motor any one have pictures I can see to fix as I have no manuaol
  19. Will hear I go again my little old 8.8 Merc is stuck in reverse any one help me put the throttle handle I can not move to nutreal hope an easy fix
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