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  1. coming to catfish in 3 weeks it will be ok by then be safe out there
  2. well here I am again I think my dues a due can you let me know thanks 

  3. I agree on the heavy cables because of amp draw. never heard of agm batteries will check them out . thanks for the info .
  4. battery placement I have a 191 starcraft Islander . as we all know they have a huge bowrise, i placed 200 lb of weight in the nose helped was thinking if i remove the weight and placed the 2 batteries up front is this to far from the motor or ok plus would like to add a 9.9 hp trolling motor but now i feel it is unsafe as the bow rise is huge any ideas on a fix thank you
  5. so 2.1 to 3/0 for salmon i just puched a fish hawk depth and speed so will this be at the ball, also i read on here just off the bottom ? Thank you
  6. With the sticks your speed needs to be slow 1.1 to 1.8 mph this works for us . we land plenty of Browns . still searching for a fix for the salmon
  7. I agree and I voted for a great man TRUMP, time to end the lawlessness , shooting police , fire fighter s just wrong I dont care who is in charge wrong!
  8. thanks be safe out there, hope to see you on the water be safe stay safe
  9. just to let all know couldn't stand the fish like that so took it out side and kept spraying with purple power and the guew kept coming off rinse with a light spray and it looks great maybe i lucked out time will tell. wish i would have taken pictures.
  10. Thanks for comments, but a repo just wouldn't work it is his fish so I will clean best I can and hang it up is a nice mount just smoke and dust stained
  11. brother in law passed , left me his mounted tiger musky but it is nasty how to clean
  12. yp dryer sheets, and moth balls stuff the sheets in all the crevasses
  13. Well I say GOD Bless, and thank you all for your service.
  14. what a sweet looking ship she is , great job
  15. Thanks for all the info, hope to atleast try
  16. any walleye reports would like to go thursday never been there.
  17. not much chatter on the radio any more they all use there cells
  18. kill the cat put it in a onion sack tie it on a tree over the lake water , be good bull head fishing when the mages fall off
  19. Yes there is was last year when I was there for
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