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  1. I suspect the branchial arch was severed from under its chin in a catch and release scenario some time ago. And, I’ve caught fish with a severely damaged and also no lower jaw. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Branchial_arch
  2. this is a wild coho I caught a couple weeks ago in the Umpqa river in Oregon. I had to release it as it was a wild fish, as determined by the presence of the adipose fin. hatchery fish have that fin clipped. we caught 9 of these over 2 days, all of them wild fish. the locals agreed that hatchery fish are rather rare, at least in that area. and, permits were issued for more atlantic fish pens in Puget sound.
  3. free boat it looks quite nice, actually. https://www.craigslist.org/about/best/phx/6100073306.html
  4. it has been said that the art of diplomacy is defined by bringing others around to your point of view by making them think it was their idea to begin with. one poster on this thread, in a reasoned, well thought out argument stated correctly that is hard to agree with someone who calls you an idiot, and that people should at least try to understand the reasons other people have for opinions different than their own. he was subsequently called, in so many words, an idiot in the very next post for having said that. polarization. no one person, or group of people, have ever been absolutely right about anything. ever. to get along as a society, which we must do, we need to accept the fact that an idea other than our own does indeed have merit and deserves consideration. if two people with opposing viewpoints can have a cordial debate over the merits of their individual opinions very often a compromise can be reached that will be more beneficial to each party than if either party had their own way in it's entirety. cheers, joe
  5. stranger things have happened, I suppose, but a 5lb.foot long catfish? a misprint I think!
  6. my brother's buddy got this nice one west of Oswego a few days ago.
  7. we've caught doubles before, but this is the first triple we ever heard of. a laker, a landlocked, and a steelie. not long after that we got a double LL which we were able to release. 10 fish total in the boat that day. 9/4 on Cayuga.
  8. staying in hector? try the cove at smith park and peach orchard early mornings and in the evening. lots of times you can see them swirling after bait and you can target them, also try the outside edges of the weed beds. I never tried flies for them but I would start with natural colors. - if you're going out in the evening be mindful of speed boats running around. they have been known to run over canoes and small boats, many of the collisions have been fatal. there are more than a few bodies that Seneca has never given up. good luck, joe
  9. friggin' blowboats. I had one keelhaul my meat rig once on Seneca by the salt point. 5 suttons and tackle, gone. we tried, as best we could, to get out of his way but the way he was coming at us he absoulutely could not see us- or the breakwall. we were a short cast from the wall and he came between us and it. he almost went aground. I wish he had. i realize they have r.o.w., but don't they also have to pay attention to where the hell they're going? i mean, we could have been anchored and gotten run over. that was 15 years ago and I'm still steamed about it. rant over.
  10. I don't know this guy, the name given was david terwileger. july 1st. 52". in the background you can see the south end of the main st. bridge.
  11. as someone pointed out, this post has nothing to do with lake Ontario fishing, but the topic does seem to have gained some traction. I guess I'm not alone with cat problems. I used to live in a rural area and would dispatch a few stray cats every year- 95% of them unneutered males people would drop off. (probably by someone like me that lives in town!) but I don't want to make it someone else's problem. my neighbor lady's (one of the good neighbors) sister, a gal in her 80's, told me she would catch them in a live trap and hose them down good with water at close range before she let them out of the trap. she said they never come back, and I suspect she reaped a certain amount of satisfaction from bathing the little darlings. I suppose that would land oneself in jail these days. thanks for all the ideas guys. I think i'll start with the moth balls and go from there. cheers, joe
  12. and yes, he defecates in my garden. and sprays about the place. the neighbors just moved into the neighborhood and are a bunch of total scumbags. talking it over with them didn't work. they don't get it. I know what to do, but then I would have a carcass to dispose of. any "less lethal" solutions? thanks.
  13. on more than one occasion while fishing the barge canal in Montour falls we observed the current flow upstream for several minutes before going back towards the lake, and this would repeat many times. we joked it was the Seneca tide. makes you wonder. fishing was usually good when this was happening.
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