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  1. Well, I was in town for a family reunion of sorts, and it quickly became apparent that I wasn't going to be able to go out as much as I wanted. And with those serious whitecaps we had all weekend , I was relegated to mostly just fishing off the dock [emoji36] So I appreciate everyone's input, and hopefully next time I'm in town I'll be able to show off some big pike pics! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Geez, Seneca is what I meant of course. Dumb phone Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Hey y'all, I'm staying with my parents in Hector, thinking of doing some pike fishing at a few spots in the area. I'm using my fly rod, so I've got a bunch of big flashy flies, and I'll be mostly fishing from a canoe. Just wondering if there's anything I should know about Seneca Pike, maybe flies that work well in the area? Good times to go? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Thanks for the tips y'all. I'm staying in Hector, is there a fly shop in Watkins? I remember hearing a rumor about one a few winters ago. Right now I've got a bunch of big flashy flies, mostly red/white, yellow/red, I'll try and find a silver/black. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. I'm visiting my parents for the rest of the week and my dad told me about a spot to fish for pike. Usually(up here in Maine) I just fly fish for trout and salmon, so I've never tried pike fishing(although the are slowly taking over many waters here). Anyone have any tips, or had any success on the lake? I'll probably be fishing from my canoe
  6. Visiting the fam on Seneca this week and bringing my fly rods. I know that area got hammered by flash floods a couple of weeks ago, has it recovered yet? Worth checking some out or should I let them be?
  7. Changed it for ya, but I don't think having "some luck" was much of a spot burn.
  8. Well, I had a pretty good visit. Got to do some exploring that I've necer done so I was pretty happy. Checked out a bunch of creeks and tribs around Seneca and Cayuga. Had luck on only one particular stream. Good to know so next time I'll have a little knowledge. Had the most bizarre fishing etiquette experience today. I got a tip about a hole to check out. Once I get there I spend about 10 or so minutes scouting the water and rigging up, by the time I have about 3 casts, 4 guys walk out of the path. I'm thinking, well bummer, I was enjoying being by myself, but whatever, I'm sure they'll just find another piece of real estate. I'm pretty much in the middle of this hole, trying to get a good drift all the way down through it, meanwhile two guys cross the river and are directly across from me while the other two set up on either side of me! So now I've got to make sure my fly cast isn't hitting anyone and my drift is shortened dramatically. And then, of course, whatever damn thing they're plopping in there catches big ass rainbows, all four of them catch multiple fish and they leave! So now I'm stuck with an exhausted hole while they go home laughing it up! I know I've heard of shoulder-to-shoulder on opening day, but this was honesty ridiculas. Not once did I get a acknowledgment of me being there or maybe asking if they could join me. Jeez, well anyway, I'll be back since I've got family in the area and thanks for all the advice I got on here and on the rivers. And if anyone has any Maine questions, fire them my way!
  9. Ha, I have no idea what that means, but thanks!
  10. Thanks, if your ever in the Maine area I'll be happy to help out. Maine Fly Fish is a great forum with a bunch of great peeps that are pretty helpful for out of towners. Well, as much as most anglers about their spots...
  11. Hi folks! I'm visiting my parents for the holidays and was looking to check out a few places and just wanted a little input. The two spots I'm thinking are Salmon Creek and Catherine Creek. I'll be wading with a fly rod, so I guess was wondering wether either spot is worth checking out over the other this time of year. Not looking for honey holes, just if there's any fish this time of year. My parents live in hector if anyone thinks there's a better spot closer by. Thanks!
  12. I'm Sylvan from Portland Maine. I fly fish, and ice fish when it's not arctic weather up here. My parents live in Hector so I travel back to NY quite a bit and like to get fishing in when I can! I'll be that annoying "tourist"(though I grew up in Corning) that asks where the fish are at!
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