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  1. no still be behind have eanough room . just did like drilling holes in transum
  2. the motor bracket is for a 9 hp out board just the islander transum is there bubt hate to drill holes in it .
  3. Would like a bracket off the side of my swim platform, if I use a 2" angle top and bottom of platform off side a foot will this work angle would run the full width of platform or am I crazy, just afraid of a bracket iny islander aluminum yes no, it is for a 9 hp out board sorry .
  4. dolly dale has a camp sites and dock. i have stayed there also not to bad next to the oak
  5. looks sweet love the boat mine has alot of bow risedded weight to front and tabe little better brok down last year on lake dont want to do that again
  6. I have the 191 islnder also , i see you have a small out board what size motor , remoute run , and mount as I would like to add one to mine . thanks great boat enjoy
  7. it needs the proper voltage , or breaking down will be a problem . charge everythig up and try it turn all eletronics off see if running better
  8. from the picture , looks like a 3" pully on a 3/4" shaft that should not be hard to find . mesure it to be sure let us know and maybe can help
  9. all fixed , thank you all was a screw from the ack platform into a main wire was installed when new in 95
  10. i have a 95 191 and love it two questions what make is the roced launcher , and does the troolig motor make the boat to stern heavy on take off
  11. dam wish I could , as I need the training just to watch maybe next time
  12. well i didnt conntact L&M as i live north east of utica - salisbury centercanada lake is closer i think 15miles . as i said thank you to all for the help . expessaly the guves that pulled us off the lake . I thought I would be the first to help out there but the shoe was on the other foot thanks
  13. well got the boat back today all the posting were kind of right, checked everything and ended up a screw that when the boat was built went through the transum and in the wire harness finally ware through the two wires to the kill switch. the marina did a great job thank you guys and not a bad $ 195.00 ajiter I wasted 400. payes to let the pros do it . lession learned ..
  14. boat is at the marina mich let you know how i make out
  15. bit the bullet took it to a marina this am can only hope for a quick fix as they have 200 boats to get done befor the holiday
  16. THANKS to all thee information from you great people , I removed the ground wire from the tac placed a spark plug in the coil lead she spark for 2 reveulations then quit so i figure i burn something out again with the wife screaming bloody murder about a wast of cash . Guess time for a real marine mechanic .. PS I think i am loseing it with age years ago this would not be a problem just not used to this modern eletronics .
  17. thanks Bob but i have bought 3 coils 2 electronic modules none work , have power to the emergency stop switch and key in all 3 positions no spark have a spark plug in the coil wire hard fastened to the block so could it be the tac. if so do i just unhook the wires or have to jumper it and how ? guess time for a marine shop
  18. ok the key and emergency switch check ok , how about the tac would i just unplug it or not
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