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  1. I know this post is older, but thought I'd share this picture of a whitie we got from Eastern lake Erie the other night while targeting walleye. Canadian side.
  2. any closer shots of the planer masts?
  3. I don't know if you tackled this job yet, but I have the same boat and did the same job. Pulled all the old foam, fixed a few rivets with solid marine rivets, sealed with Gluvit, and redid the foam and floors. I went with an idea I saw on the starcraft restoration forum over at Iboats. I used the blue closed cell 4x8 sheets. Laid them lengthwise along the aluminum floor supports. Cut them off flush. Tucked them all in tight from side to side, bow to stern. Wherever there was room, I stuffed more cuttings in. Once you secure the floor down it's rock solid and the foam on edge provides a bunch of hull support. Ended up way cheaper than the 2 part epoxy, which we all know breaks down over time. Cheers.
  4. Guys, I need some advice on how to set up some gear a bit better on a StarCraft Islander. Currently running 2 scottys, 2 sets of scotty triples, and 2 cannon HD manuals off the back occasionally. I'd like to somehow get everything mounted on something that makes moving things around a bit easier, and also removing from the boat a little easier. What's out there, what are guys running? Any pics of setups on similar boats? I've got quite a bit of space on each gunnel and also across the transom.
  5. Not to highjack, but do these old Thompsons ride nice in the water? I see lots of guys asking about them, and have looked at a couple myself. To me they seemed somewhat lighter than most.
  6. Thanks for the info, but it is the cabin wall area that I'm specifically looking for info on. Transom was already done two seasons ago. I'll check Iboats as well.
  7. Fellow Islander owners.......I have an 89 22fter that I'm currently replacing floors and foam on. My question is, does anyone have ANY pictures or tips around the cabin wall area? It looks to me like the entire cabin wall (supporting dash) has to come out?? Any help greatly appreciated. Trying not to lose my entire season here.
  8. I use this for both Erie and Ontario, and find it bang on all the time. https://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/ofs/ofs_animation.shtml?ofsregion=lo&subdomain=0&model_type=wind_forecast
  9. What water temperature are you looking for when targeting the spring bullheads? I'm asking, because there are couple small creeks by me here on Lake Erie where I have done really well, but it's hit or miss every year. I think it's a timing thing. I can't remember exactly when I hit them good a few years back.
  10. Where did you pick up that rocket launcher setup if you don't mind me asking? Is it built custom to that size or is it available as is?
  11. Ya, for $499 Canadian it seems hard to go wrong. That's only about 25 bucks US now.
  12. I've never owned an SI or DI. I fish almost exclusively on Erie for walleye, and occasionally salmon on Lake O. Other than seeing bait clouds off to the side of the boat, do you find any other advantages to any of the side or down imaging? Talking strictly open water offshore trolling here....
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