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  1. No not the marina out of business, but they should get ahold of the problem if they came fromthere lot maybe post a surerity person just for that stupid week , I watched my neighbors almost burn there neighbors home down good thing I was waiting for something stupid to happen got it stopped
  2. I bet Waler 1 is right not covered by the marina , if they haveing porblems at night and not takeing care of it . I hope all boats there pull out, so sorry for the boat owners that had any damage . that is just wrong .
  3. I agree ,I only go when my boys can help me lately only twice last year
  4. why does the lake seem smoother when i not there . the sandy creek web cam I check every day Dam
  5. Merc. Carb the choke is wide open. I can turn the fuel mix in all the way and nothing still running think it may be the floor
  6. It's a 3.0 ,4 cyl Merc cruise er the thing seems to be to much fuel as I have to keep the motor cover off if I drop the lid it runs crap y the fuel mix jet make no difference even if I set it tight
  7. Ok we at cat fish carb not right open cowel and running better close and breaks down adjust the fuel mix nothing changes it is a 3.0 4 cyl Merc.
  8. Ok we at cat fish carb not right open cowel and running better close and breaks down adjust the fuel mix nothing changes it is a 3.0 4 cyl Merc.
  9. Staying at the cat fish any carburator person to help out there as I am horrible with them
  10. heading up tomarrow all the kids and grandson coming going out of catfish . thinking in front of the stck any suggestions on whats working ?
  11. whow just enjoy the family time , time spent will last a life time for you both, enjoy enjoy enjoy it a special moment look listen just watch them they get excited big eyes lotts of questions all so fast . then they are all grown up now i get excited ddrive the boat and watch them just being togther is all that matters
  12. I have a 95- 191 islander the platform is 16 inches from the top of the back but i would go a little higher as when i lift the I/O it hit the platform so not to drill anymore holes i cut the platform off 3" , itook pictures but being not tec savey i dont know how to post
  13. thanks for all the suggestions we will be out to the lake next thursday staying at the catfish . is there any one out there that you would think could adjust the carb on friday ? as i am horrable at carbs .
  14. Thanks for all the sugestions
  15. I have a 3.0 4 cyl Merc it's a fors engine and do aloy of trolling engine at idle most of time. The plugs get folued alot why colud I do advance the spark or retard it maybe a different plug for hotter spark?
  16. Thanks for the update, I see the bianami top would like a closer pictures, as I have a soft top just can't afford a great lakes one
  17. like the rocket launcher , i need one what is it made of ?
  18. a greed fished in 4-5 footers and never been sick till last year 30 min out pucked day over
  19. loved the video, thanks for sharing
  20. Yes I have a wide one with a large cooler on in . Looking at website now
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