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  1. Thanks for the update Nick. Im heading up Wednesday night and will be bringing some old timers along for a few days of fishing. Were the fleas a PITA? Message me if you want to grab a beer or something. Jim
  2. Disregard guys. I will have them tomorrow. Grainger carried similar knobs that are rated for heavy duty, high strength applications and they are only 3 bucks a piece. Here's a link if anyone ever needs them. https://www.grainger.com/product/INNOVATIVE-COMPONENTS-Four-Prong-Knob-3GDT6?searchBar=true&searchQuery=3gdt6 Thanks, Jim
  3. Walker Downrigger Clutch Knobs Anyone know where I can get a set of Walker Downrigger Clutch knobs really quickly? Was doing some maintenance on the riggers before I leave for Seneca on Wednesday and those damn plastic threads are just about stripped out. Why they would use plastic threads on a clutch is beyond me but I need a set ASAP. Picked up some stainless 1/2" wing nuts if I cant find some quickly. Jim
  4. Penn Leveline 350 Anyone have any idea how much backing I can get on a Penn Level line 350 if I want to put 10 colors of core on it? Its 18lb sufix leadcore Thanks In Advance Jim
  5. X2. Asking someone what release they like better is like asking them what their favorite s*x position is. They all get the job done but one is just always better.
  6. Shout out to Gambler Just wanted to throw a shout out to Gambler. Unexpectedly got some time to get away and fish next week and needed some gambler rigs. He told me to call him at about 9:15 after we messaged back and forth for a while last night and he has the stuff going out today. Great guy, great customer service. Thanks Gambler. Jim
  7. I have the same setup as Les. Works fine for me. I believe this is the mount both Les and I used. http://www.rammount.com/part/RAM-B-107-1U Jim
  8. Wanted

    Yup, fishy has a great selection of tackle. When I do get a chance to be on Seneca I always make sure to stop in and grab some stuff.
  9. Mercury 4.5hp Hey guys. Real quick question. A friend of mine died a few years ago and his wife called me yesterday about a motor she was selling. It's a merc 4.5. I'd like to take it off her hands but don't think it will be enough to push my fishmaster 196. Granted, I would only use it to troll and as emergency in case mercruiser wouldn't be working. I know it's not going to get me back in rough water but do you think it will push this fishmaster to trolling speeds? Jim
  10. Thanks Hop.... He is just finishing up a house they bought for a rental up near Severne and said he probably wouldnt be able to grab it this weekend unless he had a rain out day. He has to get things done as they have some people staying next month. He said he would give me a call if he could make it over this weekend. He said he would definitely be able to grab it next weekend though. I will PM you with my cell number so we can exchange numbers and hopefully it works out for this weekend. Thanks Hop I appreciate it. Jim
  11. No biggy. I'll talk to him to make sure he will be at his house this weekend. I'm sure he is buy I'll double check. He's over around Starkey point and I'm sure he'd meet you somewhere. Thanks, Jim
  12. I'll take it. Will you ship it if i take care of shipping or could I have my buddy meet you up in Watkins when he's up this weekend? Jim
  13. It is... He needed to remove it when he welded everything. It actually was only held on by zip ties so I just strapped it fast when I put the axle back on.
  14. I have a garmin echomap as well and absolutely love it. The service is way better with Garmin than any others in my experience. Jim
  15. Just to follow up, I have a good friend that is a really good welder and when he took a look he said he could repair it, and guarantee that it would never happen again happen again.. I weighed the boat on a scale with the trailer and it is well under the trailer capacity. I did this with a full tank of fuel as well. I didnt have any gear in the boat but I filled the livewell with water to compensate. I also replaced the bunks and added a second set. all of them are 10' bunks. I cant believe that trailer only had 2 bunks to begin with. Ultimately he cut off the old brackets and welded new 1/4" brackets on. He also made another bend on the outside of the bracket where it meets the hub and didnt drill all the unnecessary holes. That bend wasnt there previously and he said it would double the strength of the bracket. Here's a pic. He charged me 175 bucks and I didnt have to wait 8 weeks for an axle.