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  1. jimalbert

    Swim Platform

    Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully I can scan the net and find some pictures. Jim
  2. jimalbert

    Swim Platform

    Anyone have some pictures of a swim platform on the back of a StarCraft Fishmaster or Islander? Just picked one up in the classifieds and was looking for a general mounting height. THanks, Jim
  3. jimalbert

    Memorial Day Weekend Big Fish Friday

    Spoons and Tunes is in. You want me to paypal you the entry? Needed to make sure I would be there before Friday before I made a decision. Jim
  4. jimalbert

    Walker Downrigger - Auto Stop

    I found some guys. Thanks for looking. I didnt realize that Berts has an online store with them listed. They also sent me the manual so if anyone ever needs it please let me know. I have attached it to this thread. Jim ELECTRIC INSTRUCTIONS.pdf
  5. Good morning guys. Can anyone tell me where I can get auto stop line kits (the magnets/shrink tube)? I cant find them anywhere. I left a VM for the people at Berts but havent received a call back. I might be able to get away with using the stuff thats on my downrigger cable now and just put new shrink over it but I would like to grab 2 new sets if possible to put on these new 400' cables. Also, If anyone happens to has a PDF manual for these could they please send it to me? Thanks, Jim
  6. jimalbert

    nltd fb group discuss adding cayuga

    I'm glad the idea was scrapped. I've only been fishing the derby for a few years but it seems more often than not these days that tradition is being overlooked to simply progress. (Kind of like these bozos in the NFL that wont stand for the national anthem). And to be honest, the fact that Seneca has been slow makes placing or winning the even much more satisfying. It could even be a benefit as not as many boats are landing fish and increasing your odds to win. I do it to spend time with my friends and enjoy a sport that I love. The potential of winning something is just a bonus. Big thank you to all that have been working to put the event on the map again. Jim
  7. jimalbert

    cayuga this weekend

    at least I didn't get skunked. ran out to 230' and had riggers at 130 and 150 and tripped them both. 1 for 2. had quite a bit of bait out there as well. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. jimalbert

    cayuga this weekend

    I'm skunked so far. finding lots of bait and fish north of the falls on the east side but no takers. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. jimalbert

    Penn Leveline 350

    Finally found out some info on this reel. Seems as though its rated for 300 yards of 30lb mono that has a diameter of .022. I have a 200 yard spool of 18lb sufix lead core and its diameter is .025. If I throw 60 yards of 65lb power pro at .016 diameter I should have plenty of room for my leader. Thoughts?
  10. jimalbert

    Seneca 9/23 and 24

    Thanks for the update Nick. Im heading up Wednesday night and will be bringing some old timers along for a few days of fishing. Were the fleas a PITA? Message me if you want to grab a beer or something. Jim
  11. jimalbert

    Walker Downrigger Clutch Knobs

    Disregard guys. I will have them tomorrow. Grainger carried similar knobs that are rated for heavy duty, high strength applications and they are only 3 bucks a piece. Here's a link if anyone ever needs them. https://www.grainger.com/product/INNOVATIVE-COMPONENTS-Four-Prong-Knob-3GDT6?searchBar=true&searchQuery=3gdt6 Thanks, Jim
  12. jimalbert

    Walker Downrigger Clutch Knobs

    Walker Downrigger Clutch Knobs Anyone know where I can get a set of Walker Downrigger Clutch knobs really quickly? Was doing some maintenance on the riggers before I leave for Seneca on Wednesday and those damn plastic threads are just about stripped out. Why they would use plastic threads on a clutch is beyond me but I need a set ASAP. Picked up some stainless 1/2" wing nuts if I cant find some quickly. Jim
  13. jimalbert

    Penn Leveline 350

    Penn Leveline 350 Anyone have any idea how much backing I can get on a Penn Level line 350 if I want to put 10 colors of core on it? Its 18lb sufix leadcore Thanks In Advance Jim