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  1. I'm interested in your planerboards you can call me Chad 585-704-6903
  2. I’m interested in your fishing rods can you call me Scott Mattoon 1-315-521-7810 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Seneca Lure Selection - Seneca

    You can run them right behind the ball Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Seneca Lure Selection - Seneca

    Cowbells with a spin and glow trolled below 2mph right on the bottom then any smaller spoon silver and copper about 60 feet down Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Seneca

    Fished from 100 to 150 slow bite landed 7 before we pulled off at 10
  6. Seneca

    Thank you
  7. Seneca

    Well gave it a shot today right after the storm at 5:30 real slow hooked up with 5 lakers and they landed 2. It was tough going didn't move a rod for 2 hours. North end 70 to 120 feet derp
  8. What's a Neil's limit never heard of one
  9. Seneca

    Fished this morning landed 3 lost 1 a little rough but still fish able north end all lakers. Still a fun morning
  10. Seneca

    Good day at the north end this morning the lakers were steady till 11
  11. Seneca north end

    Trolled last Sunday did fantastic till about 8:30 then the lakers shut down. Stayed in 80 to 100 feet all lakers good size for Seneca a double digit catch for the day
  12. Good morning on seneca

    Give me a shout 585-704-6903
  13. Boat gas tank please help

    I had the same problem a few years back got a good deal on a center console I just pumped it dry let the rest of the fuel evaporate did my best with a small shop vac and just change filters after about 2 filters all was good if your near dansville I'd be happy to help you out
  14. Good morning on seneca

    Yeah that's me in the Trojan have owned it for about 10 years just started using it as my charter boat this year tired of it sitting in the slip and it's great to fish off of