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  1. still have the motor mount up to what weight, what size motor? how much any pictures on motor and details
  2. Is about the same to Ontario ,I fish Mexico area all descent fishing. But the Lake can be bad at times. Leve home no wind get there 4_5 footers check out the Ake condition on this sight first. Good luck
  3. I also am thinking of the troll motor, I have a starcraft 19' but has a lot of bow rise so i added 200lbs. of weight to the front that worked but now the weight of an trolling motor i get worried about that. but like the idea of an extra motor
  4. Had mine made by an old guy in Scotha ny made it taller than most , I think did a great job. price was half of other ones I got $1,100 extra heavy tubing mine is a 19' Islander a complet top encloser when the back is on will drop behind the seat for a curtin
  5. many prayers to you and your family ,Gods speed to recovery
  6. Just another thought. Did you measure the voltage coming off the rigger wire to boat ?
  7. That is crazy stuff, and the saint lawerance is boarded by the US so it will affect us.
  8. is it true canada dumping raw sewage in the saint Lawrence, if so how can that happen?
  9. sorry i thought you were selling it seperately
  10. some how i don't think the DEC would be hazing these birds , and shooting wildly over other boats
  11. yes that is what they are called cormorants,they would drive around till they but one in flight and punch the throttle and shoot it down . they did pick them up but made us a little nevus as they speed towards us shooting. crazy stuff.next time i will call don't hunt waterfowl and didn't know.
  12. first time on oneida lake, have never fished it before took an old friend with me no fish but a great day. while on the lake there was a boat speeding about with a shotgun shooting black ducks . but once and a wile they were heading straight at us and shooting really made us a little edgy is this a common way to hunt?
  13. there is a 22' islander in classifieds a great ride cuddy a great place for small children , get a portable potty . for them and all set
  14. OMG, never saw that one , I am a retired fire caption from upstate , plus love to fish the O. may prayers today and a THANK you to all those BOATS i know all are great people. sometimes takes the worst to bring the best. Stay safe and be safe to all.
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