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  1. Sounds like a no win situation for your son.
  2. I was wondering about the pier in watkins. I may give the pier a try on Saturday while my wife is at a wine making class.
  3. Thanks for the info. Sounds like I am on the right track. I just hope something is biting but now matter what a day of fishing is better than a day at work.
  4. Thank you. Definitely would not have thought to stop at a place like that for bait. I have some bass pro 3.5"-4" shad that look just like those sawbellies. I will try those with 1/2 - 1 oz jigs. FishingTheFL how did the rod make its way into the lake.
  5. Great I have a few egg sacks around. Also where is a good place to get bait in the area? Great reminder with the life jacket. Thanks
  6. Next Thursday-Saturday my wife, 3 year old daughter and I will be making the trip up to the area to do some fishing and of course enjoy the scenery and some wine. We will be staying in watkins and were planning on doing some shore fishing. I was thinking that we could fish taughannock falls since there is the important things for a 3 year old, a bathroom and there is a playground for after fishing. I was planning on jigging soft plastic swim baits and putting a crawler on for the 3 year old with a bobber. We are fishing for anything that will bite. If I luck into a lake trout that would be great but I am not counting on that. Is this a reasonable plan? I there other access points or lakes I could or should try while we are up in the area? Any other techniques I should try? Really any information and knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nomad
  7. If the boat raffle was separate and tickets where priced right I would buy at least one for a chance. But being from out of town and not having a boat the tournament is a no go for me as I wouldn't have a chance.
  8. Great idea to take the numbers. I will do that. I saw a 2010 16' crestliner Kodiak that has my eye right now. I want to watch the price and see if it drops at all. I did spend the day pond fishing with my wife and daughter today. We caught a few and now my wife is boat shopping. So I am making progress.
  9. Thanks. I will be at bass pro this weekend and cabelas before archery season I am sure. I will definately take a look at what they have. I do plan on doing some cold weather fishing. Why is aluminum better if fishing the cold weather?
  10. I looked that up. Just about the same as on a two stroke. Should be simple enough to check.
  11. Thank you Nautitroller. My wife has contacted a real estate agent in the area and is receiving property listings. We aren't looking for something on the lake as those are more than we are looking to spend. We are looking for something a few miles from Taughannock in the Trumansburg area since that would make it a 4 hour trip from home which is reasonable for a long weekend. We have been traveling through the area en-route to visit friends in the Rochester area for the past 5 years and we have very taken advantage of the Seneca wine trail. This last trip was the first time we stayed in the finger lakes area and we loved it. We will probably be back again towards the end of October so my wife can take a wine making class. I have to agree the fishing is world class. Best fishing I have had since I drove 18 hours to a lake in Quebec. One thing I can say is the region is stunningly beautiful. I am kind of bummed that I spent 4 years attending RIT and never made it to the finger lakes. I really missed an opportunity there.
  12. I consider myself fairly mechanically inclined. I do 99% of the maintenance and repairs on my vehicles and small power equipment. Rarely do I take things back to a mechanic or dealer. I have not problem getting into and fixing something. If a motor would need a rebuilt, that is probably out of my league. Basic to moderately complex repairs are something that I am able to do. Around me there are not very many marine mechanics so I am going to need to learn what to look for. From looking around on here it seems like rot and motor issues, leaking seals, hard starting. I am sure there are a lot more things to look for.
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