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  1. I will also be up over the weekend to listen for the libes to zing..:)
  2. Can someone tell me how to eliminate auto notification when someone starts a new thread? I have tried everything and looked in all areas of my settings. Thank you in advance.
  3. Be Safe - think ...What Could Happen ?

  4. Be Safe - What Could Happen ?

  5. Hello guys, Just seeing if someone can assist on how I am able to go to a waypoint using the autopilot EV200 & Lowrance HDS8 Gen 2. The patterns all appear to be working but not sure how to go on track to a point. I'm wired using NMEA2000 and am connected to the Lowrance with proper cable. I take my cursor to the waypoint to the marina and set to auto but does not take me there. Is there some settings in my Lowrance that needs to be activated? I have tries using the track mode on my Raymarine with no success. The compass on each are within a few degrees. Thank you in advance. Marty
  6. I will be pushing (looking to purchase)a 21'er with a Yamaha 150 & 9.9 high thrust through a Seastar HC5358 hyd steering. BTW, Currently have the S1000 and does not cut it ! Question, What exactly and do I need to spend the $270+/- on a Smart Stick sold through Teleflex? II understand it's a way to measure linear movement and lets the autopilot know where the motor is on the transom. But what I don't understand is if Raymarine suggest (as the RM rep does) that a Smart Stick to be used with there system, why don't they state that in there manual or even sell such a device with there system. Or another way of saying it, if they are selling and autopilot that communicates with the EV1-Sensor that works off the compass,and is a working system, then why the Smart Stick. Is it just added insurance that the autopilot will work much better at those lower speeds? BTW...It seams like Teleflexx sells the Smart Stick but they don't even know what it is for or why its used, I called Teleflex (Seastar Solutions) , Vancouver direct and spoke to Mike Gray. He could not explain it to me. Looking forward hearing from you Retsey
  7. I agree Guys.....Being an engineer myself and engineering heavy equipment with lots of large bearings, this whole Bearing Buddy concept is simply poor engineering and a marketing thing ! ....just wanted to here what opinion others had. I'm sending the BB back for refund Thanks for the comments Retsey
  8. Yes Dan, That's what I was thinking also. Why would one want to push contaminants back into any through the bearings and seals. It's always best to purge the bearing and seals as is done on heavy equipment.
  9. I lost one of my caps so I decided to purchase two sets of Bearing Buddies and replace all of the Cap & Fitting that has a rubber grommet on the end to access the fitting. The end of my axles have a Zerk fitting that obviously forces grease directly down the axle and purges old grease and water out of the bearing. To me, this is the most positive way to get grease direct to the bearing. (just like heavy industry machines). My question is...should I be removing this grease fitting from the end of the axle if I use Bearing Buddies to allow grease to be forced through the axle and to the bearing? Or........maybe just stay with what I have and return the Bearing Buddies??? PS..It would take the same amount of time to remove the bra cap that is covering the Bearing Buddies as it would to reome the grommet , grease and reinstall the the grommet in place. Your comments please. Thank you guys
  10. I was fighting in making the 840 display and the X4 probe talk for +2 years. (I only use the system maybe 2-3 times a year since I don't use it for anything else but Salmon fishing) Also, sent the display back to have it checked, ect... I finally decided to just bite the bullet and buy the new display. All problems went away and I can read bottom temps and speeds with no blinking. I believe you might have to do the same. One adjustment I did make is I lowered the transducer and installed it horizontally. The design of the probe is such that it allows for 15 degree blowback of the ball and has a very wide cone angle.
  11. Before I install the electric reels to my manually operated mast, just wondering if there is a need to install a circuit breaker in the system even the there is a 10 amp switch built into the pushbutton switch? Have you ever tripped the 10 amp breaker during heavy retrieves...and can I depend on the built in breaker to actually protect my system? What amp would you use ?? maybe 15 amp.or slow blow 10 amp?
  12. A I agree, nothing like steering with the wheel.....like we should be. A lot safer keeping your eyes on what'sin front of you. The cable system is the way to go as far as I am concerned. Installed it on my Hydra Sports 2 years ago and love it. No issues, no problem. I also have the Troll master Pro 2 running my kicker for trolling. Marty
  13. Question Tim, are those Cisco's hand remote or hard switches. I just hate to put anymore holes in my boat with all the hardware and mounting of accessories...one of these days I'm going to sinlk it !! heehee
  14. Thank you guys for the answers, comments and suggestions. Rod Hog, was the price for qty 1 or 2 units? I see two for $507 including free shipping It would be sweet if they did come out with a hand remote ! Of coarse, my luck, they will offer this after I buy mine
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