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  1. Kevin it seemed weird to see all the ice we drove all over sat. checking things out LOI had open spots in middle no one fishing, eel bay was also a spot that had open water there was three brave souls fishing. I didn't talk to any one though to see how the bite was then went to krings was shocked to see how far out toward the channel was froze . I would think if we could get some sun and some 40 degree days that ice will go quick. I went to paynes with a spud yesterday just to see how much ice there not good. First 2 inches crust snow 4 to 5 inches of slush and water one a good wack through 1 to 1 1/2 black ice not worth it.
  2. Krings, Eel and LOI ice Took a drive this afternoon went to LOI whole center wide open not a sole around then went to eel bay looked from shore open spots for sure only seen 3 people that were fishing then drove to goose bay and out to krings point looked like a few open spots out towards center and to left of boat launch one guy out of goose bay. I didn't see any ice that interested me I will wait hopefully in a week or so we will have boats in, krings was open before that cold snap a week ago cant be much I wouldn't think
  3. Nothing like processing your own, not having to worry how the guy in front of you took care of his deer. I have heard some nasty stories of some of the processing places around the area. Also a good time to have a few beers and shot the breeze with those who enjoy the same hobies.
  4. Way to go, always good to see old spots still produce especially with todays pressure and social media. Congrats
  5. Nice fish, I hope they cooperate to night.
  6. Good job Rayfish I have had some excellent nights and I have had some very slow discouraging nights also last night being one of them but that why they call it fishing. I tried jigging and trolling every thing from 30ft to around 75 fow with no luck. I know they are there and I will be back. tight lines.
  7. Flynn, I got the info off facebook just thought I would share with the folks on here, there is something on today sorry I couldn't help you with more info wish could. Hate seeing this, 2 weeks ago the shore line on moon lake was covered with dead crappies have never seen the water there as warm as it is.
  8. Very sad. Fish of lifetime.
  9. Muskie found near southwicks beach. They said the story was on newzjunky never found it though
  10. Muskie found near southwicks beach. They said the story was on newzjunky never found it though.
  11. Glad to see you had an exceptional night it makes you feel better after having average to terrible nights I know the feeling.
  12. River threw a curve ball tonight. Caught lots of fish but eyes were scarce. Caught several gobies and a few bass did manage two eyes but had to work extremely hard to get them all fish released for another day. Eyes were caught jigging a lot deeper than normal for me.
  13. Not tying to wish my life away but can't wait to be down there as much as Kevin and Prof T. Just keep telling myself I am very lucky to experience what I have down there because there is a lot of people that never get to be down there and get that experience.
  14. Thanks Esox and ProfT wish I lived right on the river would fish every night the only bad part is I wouldn't get any thing else done. Hope to see the river again tonight.
  15. Finally hit the SLR after two weeks of missing it due to weather. Went up north where I go earlier in the year to see how the bite was 1 hr and 15 min later had a decent limit jigging homemade spoon .