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  1. Awesome job once again Kevin
  2. Making memories, love it with a awesome teacher for sure.
  3. Thanks it wasn’t mark sold didn’t think it would still be around thanks again
  4. Is this Alaskan still available thanks
  5. mhtrapper

    A Fatty

    Good job Kevin as always, gonna try it tonight for the first time been having boat issues all summer hopefully will be able to get after them from here on out.
  6. I am curious what is a slider or is it another name of something we use just being called a slider been using nighcrawler this spring and they have been working as good as minnows
  7. Nice job Kevin been a busy summer only been on the river 3 times havent even got a line wet yet. hopefully fall will be better for me.
  8. Thats awsome Kevin great teacher for sure.
  9. Way to go Prof T have not even tried fishing yet this year down there , had big boat out twice so far both times late morning to early afternoon just so i could say i had the boat in the water both times seen a lot of debris. Weather has not been the best either hopefully can start going after this next round of rain. Tight lines.
  10. They were diving ship wrecks yesterday does that count as swimming.
  11. Nice job Kevin and Mr.Walleye what was the water temp up there Kevin. Saturday port temp. was 48 and shipwreck was 42. We only put a 12" walleye in the boat sat. 3 other boats landed 2 and on sun they never got a bite. Hope of the rest of the seasons picks up.
  12. Not so hot of a opener for us, one spot I fished was 48 degrees the other was 43 degrees bad northeast wind.
  13. I will probably make it there at some point sat myself, good luck in Canada Kevin. First time since 2011 I bought a Canadian lic again so I can fish both sides also, even down our way it will be handy always wanted to try it on our end.
  14. Nice job Kevin plan on being in Lisbon.
  15. I know its not possible for everyone to do but the best time to be on the river for fishing is before memorial day and after labor day, you have the river pretty much to yourself. I personally like it anytime just have to plan accordingly early mornings or late nights. Sometimes you still get the one or two but not as often as during the day.
  16. Congrats to your wife and you for being able to consistently get the job done. Well done ocne again.
  17. Way to go Kevin you always seem to get it done nice job. Wish I could get out half as much as you. Tight lines
  18. Way to go, jigging is the best way if they cooperate my favorite way to catch them. Trolling is a good way to locate them.
  19. Learning new spots can be frustrating, not so much catching fish but learning the bottom contours, the river bottom is very unforgiving, one can loose a fair amount of gear if not careful in a short time. Go slow and easy it will all come together and be prepared for some long nights and mornings.
  20. Way to go Kevin and ProfT had a good night also on some new water up by Chippewa Point and Morristown.
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