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  1. Usually start seeing numbers the end of July, coming into the river from the lake. Target 40-60 during low light, they come shallower at night. Find the really deep holes and fish the shelves adjacent to the deep water.
  2. Super when the grandkids come, breath new life into the fishing for sure, congrats to the boys!😎
  3. I was also out early, slow start till the moon set, then they switched on. Same for you?
  4. Yep, nice morning for a few, congrats!
  5. 515 this morning, guy has the whole river and lake to fish, right into my trolling path and sits down there. Cape ramp is a clown show. I’m just relieved they aren’t having Eye tourneys here.
  6. Nice bunch of species Kevin, it is a blast moving from one to another, keeps it from getting stale. Next up will be some bass for us.
  7. Been good pike this season and the eyes are coming along this week!
  8. I had to actually stand up one morning when trolling and the guy is coming straight on me, at 50 yds that was close enough. I’m also glad their season is over. I can tell you a spot I fish was on TV recently getting a lot of bass attention, 5 boats showed up there together Saturday at 730, shut me right down.
  9. Today was another invasion of bass derby boats into my “space”. I completely understand that no one owns the water, as I’ve been a troller for more years than I care to remember. I get annoyed when a boat comes within 20 yards, completely ignoring me, then sets down right in front of my path. I caulked it up to the ignorance of today’s youth on the derby trail. What happened to common sense?
  10. Nice group of eyes, congrats on the catch!😎
  11. I’m searching for the closest public ramp to the salmon river area, thanks for any input. Tight lines!
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