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  1. quit making posts from the future and people will stop fishing out your hotspots before you get to them
  2. copper Liz and kids aboard Quality Time. We had a fun day, nothing big but a great day on the water. Thank you to everyone involved to make this fun little get together happen
  3. Good luck everyone! See you at the weigh in
  4. Had a good weekend on Seneca. Never really had them figured out all weekend but got into a few good fish. First fish of the derby was a fat perch off the dipsey with a rapala. Got a nice rainbow later that day 5.19# not enough, but still a nice bow. "Copper Liz" joined us for the weekend Sat. afternoon. No money fish, but good times. My allergies kicked my @$$ all weekend so i did more sleeping on the boat than fishing . "Copper liz" doing her fish dance.
  5. That was a great day on the water! Its always great when you see people light up when they are hooked up with a good fish. Thats what its all about!
  6. That is a great tourney for me. I placed every year I fished it. Such a shame for such a great tourney. The only big tourney on the fingers with all the lakes. UUUUGGGGG!!!!!!! what will it take to make it happen?
  7. good day on salmon! We fished the north end out of long point and played with the lakers. We had some good quality fish to start the day. There was some debris up there but not bad, hit some brown water on the west side between sheldrake and Deans, but besides that nice and clear up there. Good luck this season! Ben
  8. Like the old man said in his post had a great day on the water. Had my mother and "copper" Liz out with us to reel 'em in. two ladies ready for buisiness. 11 rod spread my mom's 8.6# "copper" Liz's 8.6# these fish came in on the double from the video below.
  9. i'll eat anything. may have to give it a try lol. How is eel mower?
  10. i took 23 pics and she is grinning ear to ear in all of them .
  11. "Copper Liz" will be showing the copper haters what they are missing come tourney time. It was great to get out today, Liz had a blast.
  12. Nothing like watching the dipsey rods firing, nice double there too. Great footage. How do you like the go pro? I was thinking of getting one myself.
  13. Hey, us Cayuga boys need lucky! lol. Theres no daily limit on carp right? we will fill the boat. Prepare for the carp, sucker, bullhead weigh in just kidding Its all for fun. I'm in.
  14. I can't wait. Are we doing a big fish friday again?
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