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    Sold / Closed Trophy Hardtop with 150HP ETEC

    Thanks everyone, sale is pending.
  2. Trophy Hardtop with 150HP ETEC Time to downsize. Sell or trade my 1982 23ft Hard Top Bayliner Trophy with updated 2008 Evenrude ETEC 150HP which runs perfect! 8'6" beam, 3100 lbs. This is a great and safe fishing boat and fishing is all it has ever done. This boat has been slipped at Keuka lake for 12 years and has only been used 3-5 times a month. Trolls at 1.5mph, top speed 32-34. 2 BigJon electric downriggers with auto stop and 4 downrigger poles, MagnaPro reels and flea flicker line. 2 Diver rods with braided wire. Humming Bird 596cHD sonar fishfinder. Garmin Striker GPS/Fishfinder. Built in Sub Troll 900. 2 new batteries with Perko switch. Wash down pump with hose. Oh, and the best investment I ever made as I fish normally by myself, a Raymarine Auto Pilot. Have a rod pop, hit the auto button and straight you'll go. Set the downriggers, dipsy rods and top line and don't worry about steering! The cabin will sleep 3 adults, 1 child. I took the fridge out so I could use for storage and the cabinet under the sink holds several plastic lure boxes. I only trailer the boat twice a year, once to put it in, once to bring home. This has always been a fishing machine so it will need cleaning and this winter it will need some new caulk on widows. Comes with a tandem wheel Shore Lander trailer with new tires. Currently on the water at Keuka. Contact me and we can take it out. The NADA low retail on just the 2008 Evenrude ETEC 150HP Saltwater edition is $5,500. I will sell for much less than the combined low retail $8,000. I would also be interested in trading for a smaller, much smaller 16-18 ft light weight boat or even a pontoon. So if you want to move up from your smaller boat I would consider some deals, what have you got? The photo with boat on trailer is before power washing after bring home.
  3. I have slipped my boat at Harbor lights for the past 12 years and 6 years prior in Hammondsport. The last 5 years have significantly declined in not only catch rate but also size. As reported by others most of the fish are very thin. Probably 80% of the lakers I caught had empty bellies, the rest had small perch and/or some kind of vegetable. Since the flood waters, I have "Fishing" days not "Catching" days as my grand kids used to always say "Let's go Catching"! I hope those days come back as I had more skunked days last year than in all the others combined.
  4. Boated 7 lakers this morning off west side of bluff, 7-11am, lost 3 at boat. All came on something different and from downriggers and dipsy's. Downriggers at 60, 110 and 135. Dipsy's with 100, 120 and 140. FOW 80-170. Found 4 pods of bait with fish from 20-140. Didn't matter what direction. Crazy day, every fish on something different, Spin Doctor, dodger, flys, spin-n-glo, Sutton 44, sutton 71, Laker Taker flutter, from gold, silver, watermelon, color didn't matter and the surprise was a 6.4 lb smallmouth caught on a blue crush glow Spin Doctor with purple hoochie, 140 wire out over 170 FOW. Never expected that. Picture of my brother in law who grabbed the pole and got it to the boat. Released to fight another day!
  5. SOLD! Still trying to figure out how to mark it sold.
  6. Selling a great kicker motor complete with OMC raise and lower motor bracket plus an adjustable steering connector with quick disconnect. This Evinrude 9.9 HP is an electric start and generates power back to motor to run those electric downriggers, fish finders etc and keep the battery full. Always ran great. Used on my 23' Trophy until I purchased a new E-TEC which does it all for me. Selling complete for $450. Evinrude Model E10EENA Pick up in Campbell, NY <º((((((((><
  7. Invader 36" manual downrigger. Comes with a gimble mount (cost $30) which can be removed. Cable, line counter and 12lb weight ($12). Take it all for $100!
  8. Last several years I average 4 fish on hour. This year less than 1. I've had three 4 hour trips with only one catch per trip.. Best day so far was when I took out 2 grand kids and we still fished sawbellies, boated 6 in 2 hours along with several misses. It's gotta be the murkey flood water stired thins up. I fish the west branch. Crazy year so far for sure.
  9. Ricbme


    Anyplace selling minnows around Lamoka lake?
  10. Thanks Sk8man for reminding me of the regulation . I knew about the 5 lure (as with a seth green) but all I was thinking was less than 15 points. Guess I better cut them down to 5.
  11. Ok, here is how I get sawbellies. If you go to a bait shop to buy them expect to pay $1 each. My method will cost you $1.50 -$2 and I can use it on several trips if taken care of. We can catch 50-60 in less than 10 minutes, normally by my 7 year old grandson. So the first thing you need is an Ice fishing or small child fishing pole. Next a Sabiki Rig! I never heard of one until I went fishing for Grouper and Red Snapper in the gulf. The first thing on that trip was to get bait, so I naturally figured he was going to use a cast net but he gave me a pole with 1 dozen hooks dressed like a fly and a 1 ounce sinker on the bottom. He said throw it out 20 feet and don't reel until the line is vertical. Imagine my surprise when on the first cast the temptation to set the hook was driving me crazy and when it was obvious the line was not going to be vertical I reeled in 12 six inch bait fish. 3 of us caught over 75 in just a few minutes and in the livewell they went. On our way to the fishing grounds, 90 miles, I got to thinking, why couldn't I use that rig to catch sawbellies? So the next day, off to the salt water bait shop I went and purchased 5 packs @ $1.35 each. Since I was going to use these at night I purchased glow in the dark with #12 hooks. Back in NY, on Keuka, and after I told the guys we were not buying bait tonight I rigged it up on an ice rod. We put the light in the water and once we saw a just a few darting around, I tossed the line out about 15 feet, let it go til vertical and I feel them on. My buddies expressions were priceless. I brought in 9 on the first cast and from then on everyone had to have a turn. I used the same rig on at least six trips catching well over 100, well worth the $1.35. My grandkids have a blast with it. Not only catches sawbellies but also bluegill, perch and sunfish off the dock. Here is a link with more info. You can buy them online or tie up some like Dick said. http://www.theonlinefisherman.com/how-to-all/440-how-to-tie-all-fishing-knots/6203-how-to-use-a-sabiki-rig-for-bait
  12. 3 trips on Keuka in the last 7 day's and it has definitely changed. Lots of fleas and tons of weed pockets on the west side from the bluff to Stone Point. The wire dipseys couldn't run 20 minutes before they had to be pulled in cause of the weeds. Crazy thing is the little lakers (several under 15") off riggers 120 over 150+FOW and the 4-6 pounders caught flat lining deep diver Rapalas. I thought we might grab a bass and was surprised to land 4 decent sized lakers. I think I'm gonna grab some sawbellies next and try some live bait fishing!
  13. In response to Sk8man, we normally fish from the bluff to Gold Seal, but last weekend we went straight to Stone Point and did large circles in the center of the lake. Fished all rods with the same exact gold lure just to see if everyone we took home would be a female. Fished 3 hours with one 6lb2oz and the rest of the keepers 15" to 21" with several released under 15". Again like I said, all females. Next trip out, no gold just to see if it's a female thing!
  14. OK, so on our first 4 trips on Keuka, my Grandson and I have kept 38 lakers. Catching limits on this lake is pretty easy and we keep them them all over 15" and after filleting them, they go to friends and family after we have a Saturday night fish cookout. So here is where it gets interesting. Every laker we have caught has been a female with eggs. Yes, 38 females! I noticed it after cleaning them the Saturday before last and I'll be darned, the 8 we brought home last Saturday were again all female with eggs. I was just curious if anyone else other than myself thought this was unusual? Oh, let me add one more thing, we have caught everyone on the same lures! We fish with 2 riggers and 2 divers and use gold Laker Takers on all four. They have always worked for us so why change. We catch them from 3 lbs to 7 lbs. Maybe this Saturday we will try another color to see if we catch any males.
  15. Looking for a mount or if anyone knows of any other brands that will fit an Invader commander 3000 downrigger. Even tho the company has a web site and phone I have given up after 2 weeks of trying. Does anyone have a solution.
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