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  1. Pm sent Sent from my Nexus 6P using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. If anyone is to far south of Canandaigua tournament April 1, here is link for Keuka http://www.fixit4utrail.com/
  3. Lots of room in your basement les for a spoon/fly manufacturing plant...hint hint
  4. QUALITY DOCKS 2819 Coates Road Penn Yan NY 14527-8935 Phone: (315) 536-6231 Category: Builders Docks Very reasonable and great work
  5. jb235

    Naples Trout shocking

    Thanks for the video fireplug..
  6. Not as of yet..all launches iced in still. Most of lake is still completely frozen over
  7. I signed up for Canandaigua and Keuka..thanks Les..
  8. jb235

    Seneca 9-27-14 (Sampson)

    End of your day I am laughing at Les...to funny..going out with fishy weds am on Keuka..oblong island until tomorrow Sent from my GT-N7100 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. jb235

    ethanol Fuel

  10. jb235

    a Thank You

    Today I was on Keuka from 10 to 2:30 with my neighbor..nothing again,trolled south from branchport around the bluff then south then back north..I just wanted to say thank you to the boat ( red open bow 20' 2 guys ) who stopped by to tell us where the thermocline was according to their x4..gave us some info, advice and chit chat and continued on their way.Its great to have such nice people around sharing information to achieve our goals.if you are on this site..thank you..
  11. jb235

    Keuka today

    I trolled west arm from 9 to 1 today not a thing bit..I tried riggers, thermocline rig, changed speeds,lures nothing again.My neighbors both were out also in their boats,same times and caught 1 small laker..amazing for 3 boats..I'll try again tomorrow morning..
  12. jb235

    Back at camp

    good luck Ed..heading to Keuka tomorrow am and maybe Fri as well
  13. I am heading to Point Au Baril, Ontario next week and any info on fish to target as well as lures/bait recommendations I would appreciate. This is my second year going and would like to target other fish besides bass panfish.No down riggers on boat I am taking so that's out. Any info appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jim
  14. Gents/Ladies....I fished Keuka this morning solo ( Sk8man claimed he had a Honey Do List )....I left our hoist at 8:30 on the Branchport arm and headed north of the bluff towards the state park concentrating on the east side...I actually marked fish this time out,much more than in the past 2 weeks.I threw out the thermocline rig and began trolling 2.0 marking fish in about 90 feet over 110 bottom..kept the thermocline deep with various spoons and speeds and not one hit in 4 hours..I continued north to the park then over to the east side and headed south..NOTHING I trolled between 90 and 150 marking fish varying depths..I then jigged for an hour marking fish on the east side just south of the park in 90 feet of water on drop offs that I repeatedly drifted back over and over hoping as I was marking fish..I then headed back empty handed..did a few honey do list items of my own at the lake place then disgusted..went to Fishy Business did what any outdoorsman would do..bought more hoping to better my oppurtunities..actually had 2 reels run with blood Run flea for downriggers..fleas werent to back today on my gear. A great day out anyway..Not many boats only saw one other fisherman. Jim