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  1. Seneca Watkins Glen Show

    Uh oh...bright and early the morning after my open bar fire dept award banquet
  2. Two fish finders on one boat

    I run a Garmin striker 4 , a Lowrance Hook 7 and a fish hawk. Minimal interference in the gps/fish finders if the frequencies are close together. Transducers are 5inches apart
  3. Lost Ice Fishing Gear

    Good to know theres honest people in our town/area!!!!
  4. for sale : usa FLT - Casting Spoons

    Look similar to the 5/8 moonshine blank for casting spoons
  5. Canandaigua 10/22

    Nice talking with you ! Glad to see the little guy got into one. Currents were bad. had to run with the plate down on north troll to keep a 2.2 down speed. 3.1 to 3.5 without the plate! Couldn't buy a dipsy or ff bite. All fish were on a variety of small spoons. Alpena diamond, andy reekers, pirate 55 , nbk stinger ss all took one . Prob the last trip of the season for me sad to say . We will see lol.
  6. I have the same shelter and pop up in the background...copycat lol..jk
  7. Stupidity

    There's a lot of "organic" salmon along the creek and river banks right now free for the taking
  8. Stupidity

    Who wants fresh Russian salmon???? KOOL AID MAN AT YOUR SERVICE! Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Missing Fisherman Found Dead

    Prayers to the families ,This is horrible...but if any positive can come from it all of us will be double checking fittings, bellows, hulls, safety equipment, pumps etc etc. As a firefighter years back we had a whole family that was lost in a home that didn't have smoke detectors working. Everyone there including myself went home and double checked all theirs as well as most the community. With something this bad, some positive prevention can take place is my point. Was he or his crew a LOU member?
  10. Geneva

    I have about $300 worth of damage right through the trophy marlin on the port side from the docks there where decking screws were sticking out through the rubrails. Can I get a free year? lol
  11. New rig

    congrats !!!
  12. WOW!!!! Congrats !!! You def set the bar high for all of us !
  13. the oak

    If you are like my dad when I was younger and asleep in the boat you would release the drag on a reel and yell FISH ON!! now the tables have turned lmao
  14. Eclipse Fishing 8.21.17 Canandaigua Lake

    Nice!!! Havent seen you on here in a while ! Hope all is good.....
  15. Wind seems to be laying down and switching south here . Laying down yet ? Waves straight west ? Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app