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  1. I have a 2005 sea boss 235. It has twin Johnson 140hp 4 strokes with a trailer, fish hawk x4, lowrance ff/GPS. Sent from my SM-G960U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. 2thdoc

    Sandy pond

    Just saw that Greene Point opened their launch yesterday, might want to call to verify. 315-387-3513
  3. WTB: 27' with outboards or I/o Looking for a 27 foot or larger boat, prefer outboards and possibly an I/o. Due to channel from sandy pond, don't want an inboard. After 2+ years of looking I just lost out on a Baha with outboards. So interested in any boat of the same layout. Budget is less than $50k. If you guys know of anything coming to the market I would appreciate any leads, thanks. Dave
  4. So you want to sell a boat on this site but won't answer questions publicly...shady!!!!!!
  5. 2thdoc

    The Next Move - Chesapeake Bay?

    Have you tried thehulltruth.com I see alot of reports coming from that area. Hope this helps. Dave
  6. Peter, Looking forward to it, give me a call when you want to come by to take a look. Dave
  7. while we were out sat morning we went through about a half mile area of dead bait that went as far as we could see all around us. Just curious if anyone knows what would cause this. [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  8. 2thdoc

    Sandy Pond channel to lake?

    I was up there this past weekend I didnt personally go through but a couple buddies of mine did with no problems. Dont know the size of your boat but one of their boats is a 27 sportcraft. Hope this helps